Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Review

Here is my Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations review. We have older cabinets in our home that I desperately wanted to update but we didn’t have the money to spend on all new cabinets. I saw the Rustoleum product at Home Depot and for the price I thought I’d give it a try.

I was very nervous as I really didn’t want to screw it up. I read the directions twice and then got started. The number one tip I could give is to take your time! Go slow, be methodical and you should be ok.

The first step is to measure your cabinets to figure out how many square feet you need to cover so you’re sure you have enough. If you’re covering a large area you may need more than one kit. The instructions walk you through how to measure. I would recommend starting with one kit and going from there.

Next, lay out a dropcloth on the floor and tape off the areas around the cabinets and along the countertops. Remove all the doors and drawers and keep track of what went where. This seems daunting, but it’s really not. Again just take your time and you’ll be fine.

Once I had the doors and drawers off it was on to the cleaning and deglossing. I wiped everything down good with soap and water. Once this was done I used the supplied deglosser and thoroughly scrubbed everything. Again, if you go slow it’s not too messy. Don’t worry, the instructions make what you need to do very clear.

Next was the bond coat. I taped off the inside edges of all the cabinets as the instructions stated as you’re only supposed to do the doors and exterior of the cabinets, not the interior. Again the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You’ll need two coats and be sure to let the first coat dry thoroughly before doing the second coat.

I did use the glaze, but this is optional. I had seen elsewhere that some people had issues with not having enough glaze so I tried to use the minimum amount that I could and still get coverage. I had enough, but just barely!

By the time I got to the top coat, I was pretty comfortable with what I was doing. This actually went quickly compared to the bond coat and definitely quicker than the glaze.

Wow! I love the results. For well under $200 I had a whole new look in my kitchen. I would definitely recommend the cabinet transformations product (and I have). It’s an easy way to update your kitchen. Next up, the countertop transformations product! I hope you found this Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Review helpful!