SaaS -Based Application Development is the Easiest Way to Make Your Data and Apps Accessible

The most effective way to access your data and apps from anywhere in the world is to host them on the Cloud. Cloud computing helps you to reduce your cost, enhance accessibility and services. Before people started using Cloud computing they were hosting the software on one or more locally available machines.

Cloud made the task easy by enabling users to access, upload or download the data directly from the internet. Any businessman or anybody who is travelling around the world and wishes to access the applications or data from any corner of the world, Cloud is the best solution. Now-a-days, Cloud computing is growing in reputation and meeting the day-to-day demands of small enterprises too. Previously, people were very prejudiced while using internet or uploading any official data on the internet, as they understood that, uploading the data on internet is not secure. However, today the situation has changed and along with it, people’s mindsets too. Data uploaded on the Cloud is completely safe and easily accessible with just a single ID and password for each user. Earlier, when people were using a common server, it resulted in issues with speed, data corruption, and data burglary etc. But Cloud computing has a full proof system of data security.

The foundations of SaaS-based Cloud computing is not only a shared service or shared properties but also services on demand. Any small, middle or large scale company can go for Cloud computing services. 80% of the companies in the world have received the benefits of Cloud computing in the year 2013 and the remaining 20% will join the Cloud computing world in next few years. Considering the increased adoption of Cloud computing services, many companies are joining the Cloud bandwagon. Although SaaS and Cloud computing is being adopted all over the world, in India, many people are not aware about how it works and how beneficial it is for their company.

The use of SaaS and Cloud computing in US has been increasing since the past 3-4 years. A Cloud computing company helps you to accelerate your business development and innovation. Many SaaS and Cloud computing companies in the US and all across the world are providing business applications right from marketing, sales, accounts, legal and human resource which is used all across the enterprise.
Let’s understand the features of Cloud computing:

1)Service on demand: Cloud computing is supported by a service model called Services-on-Demand which permits the customer to connect to the Cloud to execute tasks like building, organizing and development. The customer should be able to access computing capabilities whenever they need and with no additional interaction from the Cloud service provider. This brings rapidness in work and ease of data sharing.

2)Costing: The costing structure for Cloud computing services is not standard since it entirely depends upon usage. The customer is billed based on the total resources used. The user can track the usage and this could help reduce cost.

3)Service excellence: Cloud computing guarantees the most excellent service for its users. The service agreement typically includes guarantees for 24×7 availability, sufficient resources and bandwidth. Any failure in providing these services could result in issues for users.