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Safe Backup Generator Operation Saves Lives and Property

A backup generator can be a great addition to your home and safe backup generator operation saves lives and property. An improperly installed backup generated could be harmful to you and threaten the lives of your family, friends, neighbors and electric utility crews trying to restore service. Homeowners with backup generators enjoy being able to live in comfort during power outages. They live uninterrupted because their generator restores power within seconds after power outages. But backup generators are powerful electrical systems that can be dangerous if not properly installed and operated. The good news is that backup generators are economical and safe when properly installed and operated. The millions of backup generators that have been sold installed in homes and businesses around the country are a testimony of their safety and dependability.

How Backup Generators Work

Backup generators connect to a home or businesses existing electrical system and monitors power supply from the power company. The generator is inactive as long as electricity flows. But once electrical flow to your home or business is interrupted, the generator switches on and generates power for your lights and appliances until the power company restores power. Once electrical company power starts, the generator senses it and shuts off.

Backup Generator Ratings

Backup generators are simple electrical systems but due to the nature of these machines they can be deadly to people and very damaging to property. Backup Generator safety begins with choosing the right system for your needs. Generators are divided into two main categories of portable and permanent. Generator output ratings are in Watts. The ratings start around 4,000 Watts for portable gasoline powered generators and go up to around 60 kW, and beyond for permanent generators. So you can see why backup generator safety is important.

Experienced and Insured Installer

Millions of home generators have been installed around the country but many of them are improperly installed. To be sure that you have safe backup generator operation, use a licensed and insured electrician to install your generator. Be sure the contractor that you choose has experience installing emergency generators. A contractor with experience installing standby generators like the generator like you’re installing is preferred. Ask questions and ask for references when contracting with a person or company to do your installation.

Follow the Generator Service Schedule

Following manufacturer maintenance guidelines can also lead to safe generator operation. Standby generators shouldn’t require a lot of service. But have your system checked on a regular basis so that it’s ready to go when you need it. Remember to use certified technician to service your generator.

Before the Storm

The Hawaiian Islands have just avoided what would have been, not one but two major hurricanes at this writing. Can you imagine the kind of destruction and chaos that would have been. The islanders, where busy making survival preparations before the storm. Thank God both hurricanes went pass Hawaii with minimal damage. But this kind of weather event is becoming all too common all over the United States and around the world.

That’s why you should start making preparations before a weather catastrophe hits where you live. A standby generator is a part of your storm survival kit. So click the generator links on this page or vendors like electricgeneratorsdirect.com to get more information and to buy a standby generator before the storm!

Photo Credit

‘Stay Alive: Storm Safety,’ by US CPSC is under Creative Commons license on Flickr CC BY 4.0.

Also see ‘Home Backup Power for Critical Medical Care’

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