Safe Drinking Water – List Of Approved Methods For Survival

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When you are facing a survival situation, you may want to check out the safe drinking water list of approved methods. This is something you can use not only in life and death situations, but when camping, hiking, or just about anywhere else you can imagine. In this list of ways to make your drinking water safe(r) for human consumption, you are sure to find something that will work for you. Let’s explore some of the methods that are approved by most for good health, or even life saving applications.

  • Boiling
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While the old saying that you can boil any water and make it safe for drinking is simply not true, it is true that most of the time, it is an effective method. This is something you can do if you have access to fire and a container of some form to hold the liquid. In an outdoor situation, you may need to be crafty and come up with a makeshift container that will withstand the heat. In general, boiling for at least 10 minutes is considered to be enough to kill most germs, parasites, and bacteria, so you don’t digest something that could harm you and risk your health. This is the most common method use by many outdoorsy people.

  • Purification Tablets

You can buy these in the camping section of many big box retail stores; they are not a specialty item. To purify your drinking water, you simply add a tablet and let it dissolve, making sure you follow the directions carefully, so it works to the fullest. This is the easiest method to use, since it’s simple and easy to do, and the tablets are not nearly as expensive as you may think.

  • Chemicals

Some survival enthusiasts keep small quantities of bleach on hand for such a situation. It is a good, generally approved method to make drinking water safe. Bleach on its own can be poisonous, so be sure you research the proper amount to use to purify your H2O.

  • Filtration

Consumers can buy mini drinking water filters that can make it pretty safe to drink and rehydrate. Again, you can buy these at most stores. In a survival situation, you may need to use your mind to come up with basic filtration methods. In life or death situations, a shirt or other piece of cloth will at least filter out the big stuff, but might not filter the microscopic parasites, pathogen, disease organisms and other things that could be lurking in the water you find out in the wild.

Use some of this information as you search for a safe drinking water list of approved methods.

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