Safe Drinking Water List Of Approved Methods

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Safe drinking water list of approved methods

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A safe drinking water list of approved methods always comes in handy especially in situations or in environments where safe drinking water is hard to come by. All over the world, more than a billion people are always struggling to get clean water. This means that many people all over the world are sometimes forced to use unclean water.

The challenge with unclean water is that it is not safe for drinking. When people drink unsafe water, they may end up getting infected with many diseases. There are a lot of pathogens in unclean water which may gravely affect the health of people who drink it. Some of the pathogens include protozoa, bacteria, parasitic worms and viruses. When one drinks water containing these pathogens, they are likely to be affected adversely.

List of approved methods

There are several ways through which one can get safe and clean drinking water. One always needs to check with the safe drinking water list of approved methods to see which of the ways would be most suitable. The list of ways of how to get clean drinking water can help one especially when they find themselves in environments in which there is no clean water.

Boiling the water

Boiling water is one of the best ways through which one can make it safe for drinking. While it is not necessary to heat the water to its boiling point, this is one sure indication that most of the pathogens have been destroyed. It is advisable to boil the water for over a minute to ensure that indeed the pathogens have been destroyed. In case one finds themselves in environments where there is no clean water, they can always resort to boiling their own.

Use of chemicals

Chemicals have been used for many years to treat water so that it becomes safe for drinking. The use of halogens has been the most common chemical treatment of water. Chlorine and iodine are some of the most common halogens that have been used over the years to treat drinking water. While iodine is always preferred over chlorine, it does not eliminate all pathogens. It is important that one further filters the water. One can use a charcoal stage to eliminate the taste of the chemical used for treating the water. One may also use ascorbic acid to remove the taste of the chemicals.

Filtering the water

If one checks with the safe drinking water list of approved methods, they will notice that filtration is one of the ways through which one may get safe drinking water. One should use filters with pore sizes that are marked “absolute” and not “nominal”. While these filters protect one from bacteria, if one suspects that the water has biological matter, they should use chemicals to treat the water in order to kill the viruses in the water.

A safe drinking water list of approved methods is meant to help one make their own safe water for drinking where there is no safe water for them.

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