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Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings by Holistic Dentists

You may be aware that mercury is a highly toxic substance that should be avoided, but if you’re like many people, there is a very good chance that you have some in your mouth in the form of silver amalgam fillings. If you have fillings you can tell whether they are made of mercury by whether they are metallic silver. Alternative filling materials are either gold or white. The fact that small amounts of mercury are continuously released by the fillings has been thoroughly documented, as have the toxic effects of exposure to mercury.

There are many dentists able to remove mercury fillings, but not all of them are able to do so safely. If you are considering having fillings removed, you need to ask your doctor what kind of safety protocols they use to ensure that you are not exposed to excessive mercury during the procedure. Even with extensive safety precautions, there is a good possibility of some extra exposure. For this reason, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you are advised to wait until you are no longer your child’s primary source of nutrition. If you are considering conceiving a child, you are advised to wait at least six months after the procedure to protect your baby. Any mercury absorbed could be passed to your baby through your placenta or breastmilk.

Safe removal of mercury fillings requires that the dentist and assistant both wear masks, and an alternative air source be given to you. A dental dam will be used to cover your mouth except for the tooth that is being treated. The tooth should be thoroughly rinsed periodically through the process. Some dentists may have other safety equipment and practice other safety precautions besides.

Removing fillings is just the beginning of the process of ridding your body of mercury. There are supplements that are recommended to prepare your body and help it to flush accumulated mercury more effectively.

The day before, take 2g Vitamin C, 200mg Grape seed extract, 800 IU, Vitamin E, 135mg Idebenone, 4 capsules Thornes Biomin or Citramin, 40mg Zinc Asparate, 200mcg selenium, Colostrum, 2 capsules high dose probiotics, Anti-yeast extract, 1g fish oil and 1g GLA oil.

On the day of your appointment, repeat the regimen from the day before except the Biomin or Citramin, Zinc, or Vitamin C. Add chelators, 1g glycine, 200mg glutathione, and 1900mg algin just before your appointment, and the algin again before bed that night.

For a couple of days after the removal, follow the protocol from the day before plus the chelators from the day of the procedure. During this entire period, you need to drive 4 liters of filtered water each day.

It sounds like a lot, but jump-starting the healing process will speed you on your way to better health.

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