We must all follow the safety measures in our house. Mainly children and old people are victims of the accidents in the house. Even a small thing like a blade or a doll can cause much danger to our children. So we must always watch these people. Children do not know or understand the safety rules even if they are hold a hundred times. They are forgetful. They yield to temptations. So it is the responsibility of the elders to watch them. The elders should be careful about the unusual noise or the silence of the child. If the child is silent, it has done something wrong.

Younger children are more likely to sustain injuries from scald burns that are caused by hot liquids or steam, while older children are more likely to sustain injuries from flame burns that are caused by direct contact with fire. Children run up and down the staircase while playing. If they slip, their bones will be broken. In the same way the old people carrying heavy things may slip and fall. Children may get shocks from the loose electrical wiring. They get burns from lamps, kitchen fire and hot vessels. They get cuts from blades, knives and sharp things. A table fan may be dangerous to them sometimes.

Toys and games are tons of fun for kids and adults. Whether your kids are working on a puzzle, playing with building blocks or even inventing their own games, here are a few things to think about to help them stay safer and have a blast. Consider your child’s age when purchasing a toy or game. It’s worth a second to read the instructions and warning labels to make sure it’s just right for your child. Keep a special eye on small game pieces that may be a choking hazard for young children. While these kinds of games are great for older kids, they can pose a potential danger for younger.

In order to prevent falls in the house, the following rules may be adopted as safety measures:
It is essential that the floors should be kept dry and clean especially in the kitchen. Any water, grease, vegetable and fruit peelings should be removed at once from the kitchen floor to avoid slipping. Unwanted furniture or any other discarded items should be properly stored or disposed of. Staircases should be kept well-lighted at night or in darkness; must have hand rails for proper grip. There should be little gates at the top and bottom of staircases, especially if there are small children in the house. Windows should have grilles or iron bars to prevent children from falling out. A bath-mat should be on the floor, of the bathroom to prevent skidding and falling. Everyone should have a torch by the bedside in case of a need to get up at night.