Salary for architects – Current job market of architects

Current job market for architects – Know the Salary for architects

Despite falling unemployment, the labor market remains difficult for architects. Although there are niches in jobs, but Salary for architects are stable across world, there are often architects compete with other professional groups.

Figures must be interpreted correctly. For example, the unemployment statistics for Architects: Over the past seven years, this unemployed of more than 11,000 architects on current dropped below 4000. To draw the conclusions that finally have more jobs for architects are, however, is risky. ‘It remains difficult,’ says Tillman Prinz, national director of the Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK). And this has several reasons.

Young architects entering the labor market

First, the construction volume is now declining again. So there are times in itself, a lower demand for skilled workers. Secondly, the number of architecture students already back on since 2007, partly in double figures. The pressure on the labor market by moving up young architects is growing so after he had temporarily subsided. And thirdly, many existing architectural firms are more bad than good to make ends meet. An architect who wishes to remain anonymous, illustrates the situation with dramatic words: ‘We have earned in the 80 years that what we do today in sales.’

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According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost one in two is a freelance architect. Architects employed in offices often receive only fixed-term contracts or are there just do freelance. Too thin is often the financial ceiling, as that could make the owner of an architectural practice high fixed costs in personnel.

‘Work, financially sound really only offices, employing more than 15 people,’ says Gerhard Zach, the state chairman for Bavaria in the Association of German Architects (VDA) and member of the working group ‘future work’ is in the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

Specialists are in demand – Salary for architects high if you are specialist

In traditional areas such as the design of new buildings are currently fewer jobs architect so BAK federal party prince. ‘What we need knowledge of the existing buildings, the energy efficiency and the barrier-free design of buildings.’ Total could be observed in addition to the architect as a generalist is a specialization of cross-linked, not least because of the high IT requirements, such as the design of virtual building models. ‘Often there are niches where there is a need for architects,’ says Prince, ‘These niches are also property developers, real estate firms or other related fields, such as the fair and exhibition.’

Those looking for a job in the private construction industry and sees his strengths beyond the classical architectural activities, has as a project manager or site manager quite good chances. ‘However, it competes with civil engineers or economists,’ says Prince, ‘which is why it is especially important for young and aspiring architects, to appropriate their expertise in the fields of business, law and organization.’ But even as a construction manager had architects far beyond the 50 opportunities when they had a knack for dealing with contractors and craftsmen. ‘As experience is required,’ said Prince.

Architects in the public service

In the public service – for example when building or planning departments – working architects, however, the number of points is rather long in decline, so that there do offer opportunities, but these are not particularly large, which affects the bulk of the jobs. According to the Federal Labour Agency in late 2010 there were approximately 125,000 social security employed architects and engineers (the two professional groups are not reported separately). Their number remained constant in recent years, but in comparison to 2000 decreased by twelve percent. The number of self-employed architect was maintained during the past ten years or less constant and at the end of 2010, according to the Federal Statistical Office with 51,000. There are also 33 000 independent structural engineers.

For self-employed architect, there is also, according to VDA representative Zach niches where they can stabilize their economic existence. ‘These range from the expert services to city tours.’ Often, however, as many architects would fall out that the niche but then again not big enough for everybody. ‘Examples are energy consultants or experts for small treatment plants,’ says Zach. A problem of specialization, that is, if possible, such as fire protection in the special construction, the building regulations and products are constantly changing. ‘Who is there no regular practice – ie orders – has is so quickly out of it.’

How much architects will earn?

The difficult labor market situation is also reflected in the salaries of architects. A representative survey among members of the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, whose results were published in late 2010 shows that:

While a salaried architect in the commercial sector with an annual salary of 59,000 € (median: half is thus about half less) gets earns his colleague in the public sector 54 000 € and his colleague in an architectural or planning office only 39,000 €. These differences persist even with increasing experience.