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Salute Credit Card Review

Today it is becoming more difficult to avail of regular services and goods without a credit card. It is quite apparent that we are now switching to a cashless economy. In fact it has recently been announced that in Greece transactions over 1500 Euros will be illegal if carried out with paper money from 2010 onwards.

This is a policy that will quickly spread throughout most western economies as banks and governments find new ways of controlling and profiting from their people. If you are interested in getting hold of an easy to use card which is perfect for online purchases you should check out the Salute credit card.

As with any financial service it is important to study the credentials of the bank or company who issues the credit card. Salute is a wholly owned American company. They are based out of Atlanta in Georgia.

Whether or not their credit cards are suitable for you will depend upon various factors. The APR, or annual percentage rate, is important to be understood fully. This is what Salute charge for giving you the money on credit. It is expressed in terms of a yearly rate. Be clear on whether the card comes with a fixed APR or variable. If the APR is variable then the charges will be calculated on current market conditions as opposed to being a flat fee. Most people prefer the fixed option as it’s seen as being easy to manage. There may be certain hidden charges that are not clear when you initially sign up.

Before sending off your personal details check the latest policy regarding any application fees, advance charges, balance transfer charges, and whether or not there is an annual surcharge for the actual card itself. Another important factor will be the credit limit. Even from the same lender this can vary depending upon your personal circumstances. It may not actually be that wise to aim for a high limit as this will increase the chance of you having difficulty when it comes to paying back the money at the end of each month.

Before making a decision always check out the opinions of other customers. This will give you a true picture on whether or not the particular service is worth signing up for. You should realise that many different firms may be authorised to issue specifically branded cards. Though Salute is a recent addition to the financial sector, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for households up and down the country.

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