Sample Letter Requesting Lower Credit Card Interest Rate

To request for a credit card with low interest rate, some lenders request the borrower to communicate to them in writing and one can get sample letter requesting lower credit card interest rate from many sources. The letter to communicate well with the issuing financial institution is an opportunity to show the seriousness of the applicant as well as a chance to impress the institution. In the letter, one is able to spell out their needs, requirements and their reasons for requesting for this particular product from that institution.

You can assure yourself the low interest rate on a credit card facility simply by writing a smart and impressive letter. You may even have bad credit but with the way you present your request through a letter sets you apart from the other borrowers in the fiercely competitive credit industry. In the letter, one has the opportunity to state every requirement including the elimination of any applicable annual fees.

Many Samples Available on the Internet

There are many sample letters requesting lower credit card interest rate available on the internet for anyone looking to write a good one. Some sample letters are all written out and all one needs to do is replace certain information details with their own personal information. One needs to be careful to replace all information because if a generic sample is sent with mixed information, the financial institution will discover that it is not as genuine as the writer would want them to believe.

For example, do research on the internet or follow up on a mail received that promotes low interest rates on a particular card or promotions that offer easy balance transfers. This is in a situation where the rate is lower than the interest on the credit card you currently hold. Further, it always helps to have an impressive payment history with that particular card company you are looking to contact.


Begin the letter with the date at the appropriate position, usually at the beginning of the writing paper. Follow this with the full address of the company you want to contact. The reference line follows this. The reference line is also referred to as the subject line. the best salutation for a letter to someone you do not know the gender of is ‘Dear Sir or Madam’. If however you do know the gender of the person involved in requests for lower interest rate on credit card section, you can go ahead and write their name or their gender like ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’.

To write the body of the letter, refer the subject matter to the promotional article or mail that you received. You may then put forth your request in a simple and honest manner. You may include the details of any credit cards you have with them.

Finish off the letter with a positive note such as a call to prompt action or thanking them in advance that you have already received the attention to the request. The signing off section begins with ‘Yours Sincerely’. You may then write your name, address and you contact details. With this sample letter requesting lower credit card interest rate you are guaranteed to receive some form of response from the financial institution.