Sample of Oratorical Speech about Friendship

Why would you want to check out a sample oratorical speech about friendship or make a formal speech about a friend you’ve known all your life? There is so much you can say about your friend that it will fill many volumes of books. That said, in some occasions, what is required is that you say something that is pertinent to the situation at hand. If you are at a informal gathering, there is no need to go overboard about what you have to say in a oratorical speech about friendship. That said, there are those who don’t know what they have to say and they end up making a fool of themselves or embarrassing everyone in attendance. There are no rules about oratorical speech about friendship but there are little guidelines that can help save you from yourself.

The main thing to bear in mind is that you are not there to entertain and you shouldn’t try to imitate what you might have seen in some Hollywood movies. Leave the movies for other unimportant moment. The key to success is going straight to the point and being balanced in what you have to say. Don’t say thing you will latter regret and don’t give a speech after having too much to drink.

What your oratorical speech about friendship should contain:

How long have you know each other?

How did you meet your friend?

How has your friendship enhanced you as a person?

What positive things have others said about your friend?

Why do you feel honored and humbled to give the speech?

What have you learned from your friendship?

What are some fun things you’ve achieved together?

The above mentioned questions should help you structure your friendship speech. You will also be able to remember some important moments in your friendship that might be worth mentioning. As amusing as some anecdotes might be, don’t use them if you are making a friendship speech in a formal gathering like on a wedding day or at a funeral. Just because you think that they are funny doesn’t mean everyone will share your point of view and will appreciate your comments.

There is no such thing as a perfect oratorical speech about friendship because the context in which the speech will be given will often dictate the tone. That said, if you keep it simple and straight to the point with heartfelt praise where deserved, your speech will not only grow your friendship but will show that you are a good friend.