Sample of Report Card Comments for Kindergarten Teacher

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Instructors need some help, too, so samples of report card comments for kindergarten teachers can come in handy. Once upon a time, it used to be a dream career to be a kindergarten teacher. You had the opportunity to shape the minds and hearts of future generation. You had parents willing to work with you in order to give the best education to their children. That dream has evolved and being a kindergarten teacher isn’t as easy as many will like us to believe. The kids are more difficult to manage and parents now think their spoilt kids are angels. They are willing to take a dig at a teacher who dares to criticize their child. That said, there are also many good parents out there willing to collaborate with school teachers because they understand that it will give the best outcome. As a kindergarten teacher, you need to thread a fine line between brutal honesty and giving a balanced report card comment.

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You need to bear in mind that most parents want to hear positive reports about their children, hence, using words judiciously can achieve more. Words like interesting, remarkable and fascinating are very good to use in cases when the report card comments call for some honesty about a child that isn’t pulling his weight in class.

Sample report card comments for kindergarten teacher: Badly behaved pupil

Brian has an interesting character that impedes his progress

Brian has been remarkable of late and he is not willing to collaborate

As a kindergarten teacher, if you feel Brian should have been aborted at 3 weeks old, you should keep that to yourself.

Sample report card comments for kindergarten teacher: Well behaved kids

This is the part where you should take the opportunity to flatter the parents and encourage them to participate more in the upbringing of their children.

Brian is very obedient and attentive in class

Brian gets on well with others and is well liked

Brian is every kindergarten teacher’s dream pupil

Brian is a delight to work with and is very willing to learn

Brian is a very intelligent child and always cheerful.

You can add a little note at the end of the sample above that says something like “this is obviously due to having good and caring parents”

The more you can relate the good behavior of a child to the amount of care the parents are giving, the more you will get them to participate in the education of their kids. This sample of report card comment for kindergarten school teacher will make your job easier.

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