Sample Personal Letters of Recommendation

Fining a Sample Personal Letters of Recommendation and Tips on Writing One

If you’re looking for sample personal letters of recommendation, you would probably like some tips in writing one as well. Writing an impeccable recommendation letter and personal reference is imperative to acquire a job. Whether you’re writing it for a friend, student or your previous colleague, you have to be certain that it would give them an excellent remark. With that being said, here are some tips on writing the most impeccable recommendation letter and some websites that provide the correct format of sample recommendation letters.

The purpose

Recommendation letters are essential for the sole purpose of building one’s employment credentials. It basically acts as a seal of approval or simply advertising someone for a job. This allows employers to evaluate their qualified future employees further by acquiring necessary information from the past employers, colleagues or mentors. It is also used for grant applications. Typically, students request for recommendation letters to give them an edge in acquiring scholarships. Loan applications would also require this type of letter in some cases.

Building up one’s credibility is very important. In a world where millions of individuals are applying for job and student grants, only qualified candidates would be hired. Qualifications are based on various factors. One of them is evaluating your skill, abilities and personality through your past employment reviews including internships and other types of training programs. If you’re familiar with the phrase “IQ VS EQ”, most employers prefer outstanding EQ ratings that would be provided through recommendation letters and personality tests. This is because you competence to work in a stressful environment with a group which is more important than intelligence alone.

With that being said, it is highly important to only seek recommendation from people who truly knows you. Furthermore, recommendation should always be affirmative. Thus, only seek it if you are sure that they would give you high remarks.

Tips in writing recommendation letters

First and foremost, a formal format of writing is mandatory. Formats would also depend on the person you’re recommending whether it is your friend applying for scholarship or a previous colleague applying for a job. There are different sample personal letters of recommendation you can refer depending on its purpose.

Aside from that, when writing keep in mind that you should use a formal tone with correct grammar. As much as possible you should also write the letter’s body simple and concise. Remember the letter is not about you. It is about your friend or colleague who needs to build a good impression.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier always keep it positive and realistic. You have to be honest in what you write. This is because if you write a recommendation letter, this means you can back it up. Typically, most companies would call you to guarantee that all information provided is true and relevant.


Writing recommendation letters are easy as long as it’s the truth. You should also avoid copying sample letters. Companies and other institutions have red thousands of recommendation letters to determine if it’s copied or original. With all that, you can view sample personal letters of recommendation at,, and many more writing websites.