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Sample Report Comments for First Grade

First grade teachers need some help too, so sample report comments for first grade pupils in their classes can definitely come in useful. A first grade comment report needs to address ‘how the child is getting on, what ‘level’ they are achieving relative to the standard first grade student. It should represent a picture to their parents to where their child is ‘at’, are they behind in certain aspects or ahead (what they can look to in the future) and exactly what has been done over the course of a first grade school term.

You will find an example report comments for first grade students just below & then we will break it down into structures and what it includes and what it doesn’t include.

A first graders literacy comments report example

John is able to understand basic conventions of text (what a contents is, a title, sentences, paragraphs, grammar symbols etc.) to a high level, certainly within the bounds of grade-level texts. He can workout new words by breaking them down a syllables basis, taking each ‘chunk’ part by part and then sounding it all out in one.

Moreover, John reads first grade texts without issue, books such as Leo the Late (I believe to be a personal favorite of his) can be read with expression and ‘no stops’. He is adding several new words to his vocabulary with every lesson, working them out through ‘word category association’ — what are ‘food words’, ‘color words’ etc. It is also obvious that John has a clear comprehension of literacy strategies, he can paraphrase, represent ideas in to his own words, answer questions on who, what, when why.

What is particularly impressive with John is his ability to recall previous information learnt from lessons weeks ago and apply them to the situation he is in now to get an even greater grasp of the concepts and materials being presented to him now.

In terms of writing he publishes regular pieces of content (both fiction and non-fiction) and keeps it controlled within a specified idea, keeping sentences relevant. He also has a sound grasp of the ‘types’ of words being used – descriptive, nouns and so on. There are times when he runs into a bit of difficulty with spelling, but at the turn of the year, this aspect of his writing has much improved, but to help prepare him more for second grade this could be worked on more. His use of grammar and general punctuation though is to an extremely good standard for a first grade student.

John also is very capable of listening attentively and will ask questions & call out for support when needed. Like his writing, he knows when to stick to the topic and to help aid, explain and presents his ideas and answers he will use a wide range of adjectives and will seek confirmation that he has the listener’s understanding and attention. John is more than capable of presenting poems, rhymes not only to me but the whole class, he is always keen to give us a presentation on his holiday experience in South Africa. In all, John is a complete pleasure to teach and with work on spelling (through extra spell tests) he is more than prepared for the next second grade

So through out the report we have demonstrated several things:

  • evidence of what the student has been learning & achieving
  • what he is yet to still work on and hasn’t achieved like he should have
  • what plan is in motion to address the issues at hand

What We Have Done

Throughout the first grade sample report comments we have tried to ensure everything is about the child, focusing specifically on what he has learned and achieved with examples to help clarify what general statements have been made. We have completely assessed his strengths and weaknesses (and how these will be addressed), notice the language is ‘parent friendly’ — what do you want from your a report card for your child.

What We Haven’t Done

In this example we have tried to avoid listing what has been taught, it is designed in a progressive manner, no teacher terminology, we haven’t overly hit home the issue negative aspects (i.e spelling). We aren’t speaking to John e.g. ‘nice one John’, we are speaking to John’s parents. Moreover, we have come up with a final plan of action of focus (for the whole class) with ‘spelling tests’.

the more you put yourself in the minds of the parents, the easier it is. From the first grade report comments understand how the child is doing, what they are good at what needs work and is this teacher interested in my child? This sample report comments for first grade will hopefully make your teaching job that bit easier.

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