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Sample Thank You Letter for Internship

An internship is your “foot in the door”. As an intern now is your chance to prove that you’re hard working and a fast learner who is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done. After you have successfully completed your internship you need to keep that social network open.

By keeping your internship leader in your social circle you can expect to either have a full-time job with that employer in the future or a great recommendation from him or her that will help you to get a great job in your specialty. A letter of recommendation is often the key to gaining a job with a company you want.

In order to keep yourself in the mind of your internship leader it is vital that you write a thank you letter both for the internship interview, the acceptance and for the time you spent with them (this could potentially go out to numerous people, given who you learnt the most from and spent the most amount of time with). So at three stages, you should ideally be writing three different letters.

Thank You Letter for an Internship Opportunity Sample

Dear Mr. Smith

I want to thank you again for the opportunity to work with ACME Company over the summertime. The work was very enjoyable and I truly enjoyed my time there. It was not easy, but with your encouragement I was able to stick with the internship and in the process I learned a lot. The assistant manager position I was given taught me a number of valuable lessons which will help me throughout the rest of my life.

During my internship I learned a lot about positive leadership when you put me in charge of the warehouse marketing team. I was able to develop a cash-flow positive marketing strategy that helped ACME Company to break into a new and rapidly expanding market. The detailed training you provided to me on contract negotiation will allow me to be very successful with my future career. The 3 years of college education I have had so far was greatly enhanced by my internship with ACME Corporation when you showed me how to put my skills to use in a real world environment.

I also want to thank the many employees of ACME Company who were very willing to share their knowledge and insights of the job with me. I could not have been successful in my intern position without the great support of the many employees I worked with. A company can only function successfully if the employees are working together as a team. Your employees definitely understand the power and benefits of working as a team and for that Mt. Smith, you should be truly commended.

I appreciate the letter of recommendation you volunteered to write for me and you can mail it to me at my college address. When I get closer to finishing my final year of college I will begin sending my resume to companies I am interested in working with. I will keep you posted on future developments and inform you of which company I end up working with. I truly appreciate everything you have taught me and look forward to possible working together again in the future.

Bob Johnson

When you send the letter you should handwrite the address on the envelope. This will make the letter standout from the many letters a company may receive each day. I also advise that you call up the secretary in advance and ask her to keep an eye out for the letter because you want to ensure that the recipient actually gets it on his or desk and opens it up.

The thank you letter for an internship is very important to help your future career prospects so you should also send it as registered mail to help ensure the letter does not get “lost in the shuffle”. Yes registered mail costs more money, but the return on this simple letter can be potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over your future career. It’s all about going that extra step to prove you are 100% dedicated to the job.

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