Sample Welcome Letter for New Employee Handbook

A sample welcome letter for new employee handbook can make a big difference in making a new team member feel at home. It is a difficult task for a lot of growing companies to find good employees that are willing to put in the effort into making the business a success. It cost a lot of money to find a new co-worker that will fit into your existing team. With all the money spent on advertising, interviews and finally making your decision; you will want to make sure your new employee stays as long as possible and enjoy his time with the company. Many companies have employee handbooks which are often introduction to the life and culture of the firm. These handbooks also include some guidelines about the use of company equipment and what is generally required of each employee in order to make the working environment a good place for all. When a new company is starting out it is often helpful to have access to a sample welcome letter for new employee handbook. What should you say and what should your letter contain.

There is no need to write a novel just to make someone feel welcome. Most of your employees will likely not read the welcome letter if it is just too long. Here is a sample that can inspire you to write a fitting letter.

“We are pleased to have you on board. You have joined one of the most exciting, innovative and fastest growing companies in (New York, London, etc). We believe in the power of people and we encourage every employee to be their best by empowering them with a great working atmosphere and challenging working experience. Like many of our existing colleagues, you will find that your decision to join (name of company) will be one of the best you’ve made.

The employee handbook you have received has been conceived by employees and is continually being updated with new ideas from everyone. We hope you will be able to make a positive contribution to the handbook and help further the great atmosphere that has made (name of company) a great company to work for.

Do feel free to familiarize yourself with the content of the employee handbook and quickly get an overview of what others have experienced working for (name of company).”

The sample letter for new employee handbook described above is to create a sense of unity and belonging. You want your new colleague to feel he or she is a part of an exciting continuous project.