Samsung and Google run a Patch Tuesday

The vulnerability in Androids Stagefright framework led to a rethink: Both Google and Samsung lead a monthly patch day one, to be provided to the security updates, regardless of actual system updates.

The current Stagefright vulnerability is a potential threat to millions of Android devices: About specially prepared MMS can an affected smartphone be transformed into a bug. The German Telekom has already shut down the direct delivery of MMS for the exploit.

There are regular security updates

The gap now appears in the first manufacturers to conduct a rethink: Both Google and Samsung have announced the future introduction of a monthly patch day. Users should receive regular apart from the actual system updates security updates.

Google has already begun distributing its first security update: All smartphones and tablets from the Nexus 4 will receive an update that includes, among others, a fix for the Stagefright exploit.

Also Samsung wants to offer its users more quickly in future security updates. “Due to the recent security problems we are considering an approach to bring security updates more quickly to our equipment,” Koh Don Jin, executive vice president said at Samsung Mobile Research and Development, the Internet Security Week.

Samsung in talks with providers

Currently Samsung is currently the world talking to numerous network providers to allow a regular distribution of security updates. Unlike Google Samsung provides its devices as providers versions; Updates to the network provider releases are usually made not to coincide with the Android updates for Nexus devices, because the provider often add their own applications and customizations. A schedule of when Samsung will begin the regular distribution of security updates will be presented in the coming weeks.

That both Google and Samsung separate security updates are offering is basically overdue – particularly in the case of Samsung, which is often still delivers devices with older, vulnerable versions of Android. If and when other manufacturers will follow suit remains to be seen.

Addendum dated August 7, 2015, 11.00 clock

Meanwhile, LG has announced to want to publish monthly security updates. Sony will also release patches for Stagefright exploit for some of its equipment, regular security updates, the manufacturer but not announced.