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Samsung galaxy s3: More a friend than a phone

Mobile technology has developed a lot in past few years and there have been changes and improvements making the mobile phone more powerful and more functional. In fact, the developments are so influential and commanding that cell phones are not anymore called cell phones. They are not just a phone, but they have become smart phones because you not only make phone calls, but also play videos, take pictures and many more with it. However, owing a Smartphone means just having a regular phone, but with more features and apps.

Samsung galaxy s3 has been designed with many more features that enables it to go beyond smart and fulfil the needs of the user by thinking as the user thinks and act as the user acts. In fact, it has been designed for humans and it will be with you just like a faithful and trustworthy friend. For example you would like to wake up with a sweet voice that you choose rather than with an alarm tone when you opt for waking up with an alarm. Well, Samsung galaxy s3 does that and you can simply tell your phone to wake you up and it follows your instructions. Not only this, if you want to sleep a little more you can tell your phone to turn off the alarm for few minutes.

With Samsung galaxy s3 you can receive or reject a call by talking to your phone, tell the camera when to shoot and turn your music up and down according to your desire. In addition to this you can track the details of your loved ones. You can link the faces of your loved ones with their social media streams and whenever you will click on their photos, you will get details of their present social status. Now this seems pretty amazing and practically smart which is slightly more than expected.

Once you go through the features that have been added to Samsung galaxy s3 you will find that perhaps nothing has been missed out. For example, there has been a lot of time when you were texting someone but wanted to call and talk to the person instead. Well, with this Smartphone you will not have to end the text and tab the call button or go back to the main menu. Simply by taking the phone to your ear, a call will be made to the person you were texting. The call will be dialled directly and you will not have to struggle with contacts to make the call.

When you are looking at the phone the device immediately brightens the screen for continued viewing pleasure, which is a real relief because whether you are reading an email or an e-book, it will not go black till you continue reading. This is not all, the Samsung galaxy s3 gives you vibrating alerts of missed calls and messages as soon as you come back and hold your phone. Sharing your content and pictures with your friends has become easier and faster with this phone. The design of the phone gives you a natural feel.

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