Samsung galaxy S5: Designed for functionality and safety

Samsung galaxy S5 has been presented with significant improvements in camera and screen as compared to its predecessor. The camera is evolved to give sharper and clearer snaps and the fingerprint snapper adds up to the security and makes it the safest of all galaxy phones. The fitness tracking abilities of S5 are enhanced and along with a powerful S health app, there is a devoted heart rate monitor on the back. The hardware is also enhanced along with some addition in features.

So, in short, galaxy S5 gives you much more without making a hole in your pocket. The fingerprint scanner which is along with the home button can be used to unlock the phone and authenticate payments as well. The back of the phone is made with soft plastic which makes it comfortable to hold. Everything adds up to make it a good phone and even though the price has been lowered, it cannot be included in the category of cheap phones. The screen is bigger and brighter and the phone has good battery backup also.

It is hard to point out any specific feature that attracts buyers towards Samsung galaxy S5 because the phone has all the positive plus added features in it that are specifically designed to prove to be functional for the users. Samsung has always paid attention to the requirements of the customers and released products that have proved functional to them. When galaxy S5 was released it was designed to listen to the customers and dialled down the gimmicks.

The main intention of Samsung was to give the customers a phone with features that makes a phone special for the customers. Therefore, along with a stylish and glamorous design, Samsung galaxy S5 has a camera that works the way you want it to work and is water resistant as well. When design of Samsung phone is discussed there is not much to be depicted.

Even though the material used for the body of the phone is mostly plastic, the phone has been given a decent look and is very comfortable to hold. However, it is also because of this, that the price of a Samsung product remains reachable for majority of people. The phone is more solid and looks well-packed as well. Even with a larger screen, Samsung manages to keep things under control. The home button is very easy to press and the power key is on the right-hand side of the phone. It is slightly protruded which makes it easy to hit.

The height of Samsung galaxy S5 is a little bit higher and so reaching to the volume control key seems slightly difficult, but not unmanageable. The water resistant quality helps you have your phone safe even if it gets dipped in water for some time. However, going swimming with the phone is not advisable. Instead of the menu key there is multitasking button. The design and the features are updated and it is a lighter phone making owners proud to have it.