Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

Every year, numerous cell phone providers come-up with remarkable and eye catching models to persuade the customers to purchase theirs. This year, mobile phone companies such as HTC, Samsung and Sony might think that they have captured 2014 by covering the mobile phone market with their mobile phones including One M8, Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 respectively. Here is a comparison of all three mobile phones that may help you select the one suitable as per your needs and budget.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One M8 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

Look and Feel
When we talk about the look and feel of the mobile handsets, Samsung’s approach hasn’t changed much, which may make you feel like that nothing has really changed. However, for those who admire Samsung’s look and feel and want to add some internal features, Galaxy S5 is a great choice. Compared to its predecessors, the body still looks same but the texture has changed.
Sony Xperia Z2 also looks similar to last year’s Xperia Z1 but its metal glass body makes it feel different in the hands of the users. The handset looks sleek and subtle with just a tiny bit accent around its edges.

HTC’s One, on the other hand, has gone for an all-metal body, which looks more appealing and feels extremely premium as compared to Sony and Samsung. The model’s brushed metal finish definitely stands out and attracts the buyers. The HTC One (M8) is the curviest of all the three and fits extremely well in your palm, regardless of its

The M8 is the curviest of all, whereas Z2 is exact opposite. Z2 comes with a solid rectangular block that is not always considered to be the most comfortable in hand or pocket. The S5 model fits somewhere between them and one benefit of its plastic body is that it does not get extremely hot or cold like the other two.

Both S5 and Z2 are waterproof and dustproof, which makes them a preferred choice compared to M8, which does not have any such protection. However, if you are not concerned about exposure to outer elements, you may find M8 much more convenient. The Z2 has a magnetic dock connector for a better and extremely convenient charger, but S5 is the only one with a swappable battery and removable rear.

Roughly stated, all three phones have almost the same characteristics, but with very minor differences. The M8 has small screen compared to the other two. The screen size of M8 is 5 inches, followed by Z2 at 5.2 and S5 at 5.1 inches. Although, the difference is negligible, but S5’s use of off-screen physical and captive buttons means there is some more for the content.
Sony edges out the other two in terms of RAM, which is 3GB. This makes multi-tasking much easier, even if lots of tabs are open. All three mobile phones have 16GB of built-in storage and support microSDXC cards if up to 128 GB in capacity. All three mobile phones also run Android 4.4.2 but with their own custom UI.

Technically speaking, each of the three phones managed to do well in most tests and lost out in some. The major advantage of S5 is its ability to address all eight cores at once, however, the mobile phone lost out in graphics. M8’s faster clock speed gave it advantage in some other tests, but Sony’s decision to go with 3GB RAM didn’t have much impact on benchmark scores.
In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that all the three smartphones have some similarities and differences. Select the one that matches your requirements.