Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Is Portable, Slim And Luxurious


If you are searching for a tablet that is not only portable but at the same that also fits in your hand easily and that has a luxurious look, so that you can easily show it off then you should have the Samsung galaxy tab 4 with you. This tablet fits in your hand just like a phone, and on the top of that the back cover of this phone has a leather finish, which gives the tablet a classic and a luxurious look. The screen size of this tablet is 7 inches and you could carry it with you every time and every where without much trouble. The tablet is so light weight and portable that you could easily carry it any wherever you want to take it. So, whether it is a long or a short journey carrying this tablet will also be comfortable for you.

Carry on your office work on the go

tab 4

Work is worship and this is something that is being reminded to everyone almost everyday in the office. Now you could have the appraisal of your boss because now you could all complete your office works on the go. The Samsung galaxy tab 4 tablet allows you to work on the PowerPoint and the excel documents when you are on the go. The tablet has a hancom editing feature and with the help of this editing feature you could edit any word or PowerPoint or excel document. And if you are a student then also this tablet will be helpful for you. The tablet will help you to complete your power point project as well.

The Other Features of the Tablet


The above features are the unique features of this tablet and what are the basic features of this tablet? Well, here are the basic features of this tablet for you:

  • The tablet comes with a quad core processor of 1.2 GHz and with the 7 inches display you also get a 16:10 display ratio as well. Thus if you want to enjoy an enhanced video viewing experience then this is the tablet that you should definitely have it with you.

So, if you are looking for a tablet that meets almost all your unexpected demands then this is just the tablet for you. You should definitely have this tablet at an affordable price of 12,900.