Samsung Mobile Android: Get an Overview

Smartphones are the in thing with people of all ages and occupations. People just can’t get enough of these fascinating gadgets and the electronics industry has risen to the occasion with some successive breath-taking innovation. At the heart of most of the smartphones in use today is the Android OS. It is therefore by no accident that smartphones are sometimes referred to as Android phones. Though most people are aware of the existence of the Android OS, few really know what it is and the role that it plays in the operation of a smartphone. Samsung mobile android phones are the widely used among the brands that produce Android phones. We are going to delve into a discussion on what is Android

What is Android OS?
Android is a mobile operating system that was introduced by Google in 2007. It is available as an open source platform that puts your phone on steroids. It is what puts the smart in your smartphone by boosting its performance. It turns your phone into a versatile gaming console, web browser, and personal assistant. It is the best thing that has happened to mobile technology since the introduction of wireless phones.
Android employs a novel, user friendly and fun interface to organize and manage apps on the most powerful phones around the world. The majority of mobile manufactures have begun to design all their mobiles around the Android platform and for good reason. The Android platforms transform your mobile into a extra small laptop that can fit in your pocket and operated by one hand.
The Android OS does not xist in isolation as there are other types of OS on the market. Being made by Google, Android brings an unparalleled web functionality which is built into the phone. The experience represents one of the most notable unique experiences that have been brought by Android to the mobile market. Every time you rotate your phone to change the screen orientation or bookmark a page to view it later, always remember to thank Google for Android.

Android and Apps
The Android platform has also fuelled mobile app developers who have seen the distinction between computers and mobiles getting blurred which every new Android version and update. You can perform complex tasks, multitask and use complicated and heavy software. What has made Android such a success is the fact that it is an open source software. This has seen Google and her partners bringing various updates and new versions to the software on a regular basis. It has been exciting for the market to welcome every new release and go over the improved features, apps and abilities. Every Android phone also comes preloaded with apps such as Google Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps among others.
The beauty of the Android march is that you don’t always have to change your handset in order to experience the new offering. In most cases you can simply update your version of Android. Whenever there are updates your mobile will inform you of the development and ask you if you want to proceed and update. Such an operation must be done preferably on a full battery.

Satisfying Different Markets
The production of Android Phones has ignored the entry market for a long time. This gave rise to a new breed of electronics companies some of whom have deplorable technology, manufacturing standards, and workmanship. The major electronics companies now provide phones for this market which is prepared to spend Rs7, 000 to Rs9,000. There are also mid-range Android phones that cost around Rs20, 000 and the ultimate experience demands anything above Rs30, 000 as you will be inching towards Tablet territory.