San Diego Dentists Removes Mercury Fillings Safely

By Brighton Dental San Diego

It is important to realize that mercury is a highly toxic metal that has no place anywhere in the human body, yet many thousands of people have a significant amount of mercury in their mouths in the form of so-called silver amalgam fillings (which actually consist of no less than 50% mercury). If you have fillings and aren’t sure whether they are mercury, it’s easy to tell simply by looking. If they look like metal, they are mercury. Except gold, all alternatives are closer to the color of natural teeth. It has been thoroughly documented that these fillings release minute amounts of mercury into the body on a continuous basis as a result of everyday activities such as chewing.

Many dentists will remove your amalgam fillings, but not all of them observe the strict protocols needed to ensure that you are not exposed to additional mercury during the process. If you are pregnant or lactating, you are strongly advised not to go through this process. If you are considering becoming pregnant, you are advised to wait at least six months after doing so before becoming pregnant. Removing mercury fillings can release additional mercury that can be passed to your unborn baby through the placenta, or your new baby through your breastmilk.

At a minimum, your dentist and assistant should wear masks and place a rubber dam covering your mouth, leaving only the tooth being worked on exposed. The dentist will likely place an oxygen mask over your nose and instruct you not to breathe through your mouth. Finally, the area should be thoroughly cleaned during the process.

In 2008, the American Dental Association advised that children, especially those under 5, should never receive amalgam fillings. If you have a child with these fillings, it is vital that it be safely removed.

Taking certain supplements the day before, day of and a couple of days after can help your body to excrete any mercury that may be released and reabsorbed by the body as a result of the procedure.

The day before the procedure you should take 2g Vitamin C, 200mg Grape seed extract, 800 IU, Vitamin E, 135mg Idebenone, 4 capsules Thornes Biomin or Citramin, 40mg Zinc Asparate, 200mcg selenium, Colostrum, 2 capsules high dose probiotics, Anti-yeast extract, 1g fish oil and 1g GLA oil.

The day of the procedure you should take the same supplements except the Biomin or Citramin, Zing, or Vitamin C. You should add chelators, 1g glycine, 200mg glutathione, and 1900mg algin one hour before your appointment and another dose of algin before bed that night.

For 2-3 days after the procedure you should follow the protocol from the day before the procedure plus chelators. During this entire period, you need to drive 4 liters of filtered water each day.

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