Sandals Made From Recycled Plastic Bags

Why not try making sandals from recycled plastic bags? It’s not as hard as you might think.

We all know that plastic bags are a huge pollution problem around the world. Each citizen needs to do something, take responsibility for their litter. But what do we do with these light weights, soaring, floating non-biodegradable bags? Well, for one, we can make sandals from plastic bags, handbags, dog leashes, or a throw rug. You can reuse the bags to carry your trash, scoop kitty litter into, or pick up pooch poop. To knit plastic bags into things, you must first make plarn (plastic yarn) so that the knitting can begin.

There are many websites on the internet devoted to recycling plastic bags, or how to reuse them such as;, or These websites and many more give great tips for what we should do with the plastic bags. Of course the best idea would be to not use them at all. When we know that plastic bags are a pollution problem, and that they do not biodegrade; why is it that billions of plastic bags are thrown out each year? Perhaps people are lazy, some people see them as a cheap and lightweight way to carry their groceries and that’s all.

Plastic bags are known to be found in the feces of many different types of wildlife, such as fish, birds, and turtles. Plastic bags can travel in water or by air to many different places, to clog waterworks or be misjudged as jelly fish in the ocean. Hundreds of thousands of marine life has been known to die from ingesting plastic from these discarded bags. You see them everywhere, in trees or on the side of the road, blocking drainage and ruining landscape. It costs people millions every year to clean up this plastic bag pollution. Non-renewable recourses are used to make plastic bags, such as petroleum or natural gas. Non-renewable recourses to make a needless non-biodegradable product made to toss, sound like a good idea to you? From a cherry picker to remove a plastic bag from a tree to burdening our already diminishing landfill space, plastic bags cause more harm than good.

When you have no choice, have a plan for your bags, either by planning on making gifts or finding household uses for the or re-using them. But always the best way is to not use them at all. Many people are using re-usable fabric bags these days. Taking them to the store with them when they do their shopping and when asked, plastic or paper, the answer is neither. If we all do this in our daily lives, perhaps together we can help with at least this portion of the pollution problem.

For now, I plan on learning to knit, because those sandals made from recycled plastic bags just look so cute, and a throw rug maybe would be keen for the entryway. Another plus is that you just cannot beat the good feeling that comes from knowing you’ve helped the earth, even just a little, in your own way. So share this with your friends, neighbors and family. Maybe together, one sandal at a time, we can help eliminate this plastic bag problem all together and recycle them.