Santa Cruz Surf Lessons | Surf School Santa Cruz Reviews

Thanks Bud Freitas of Surf School Santa Cruz for a great first surfing experience for my three Colorado snowboarders! At first, we thought, oh no – what have we done? – because things did seem a bit chaotic (paperwork-wise). But, the instruction was excellent, well thought out and clearly illustrated and the patience and kindness shown towards everyone there was wonderful – putting on wetsuits is kind of an ordeal in and of itself;) We three were among a group containing several young girls from a girl scout troop (some of whom ovbiously were not interested in learning to surf and all very silly) and we thought this is going to be terrible (love kids enjoying life, being silly & having fun – but we were wanting serious Santa Cruz surf lessons – my kids are older teens and my husband was in the group). Bud Freitas picked up on that without being asked and became our lone surf lessons instructor for the 3 of our group and had them riding waves in no time. He was great! I have some of the best pictures to prove it! We kept the equipment well after the lesson was done and when I went to see if my crew had arrived back, Bud was on his way out just to check up on them and make sure everything was going okay. They stayed out until the tides were no longer coming in (several hours) and were most glad to have a place to remove the wetsuits and rinse off before dressing again. Our whole Santa Cruz surf lessons experience was the best, great Santa Cruz restaurants – our favorite place to stay of the whole 2 week trip was at the Harbor Inn in Santa Cruz. Maybe its just Santa Cruz – the people there are the best;)