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Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels


Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels do abound, and they are some of the most interesting personages you will chance to meet. Of course, there are many ways for Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels to visit someone with a wonderful surprise. It may be a wonderful gift that would not have been received by any other means. Some of them are seen and some of them are even heard yet there are those who no one ever sees or hears. Holiday Cheer is the thing that drives these special people. Since this is the most magical and whimsical season of the year.

Who are Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels?

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Well, this question has been around for a very long time. Interestingly, people still ask this question. Some of them may even debate the question on various levels. However, the mystery remains, or does it? The answer to who they may also appear, to be those who want to share in some way, some how, for one reason or another. For example, someone who stocks fishing gear or perhaps manages the local retailer.

What do Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels Do?

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Well, there are many stories of the things that these personages do. They go about doing something special for someone else. This is especially true around holidays. However, these personages are everywhere regardless of the day or night. Many times these individuals or even groups will gather some items from their resources and then place them in places in need. Whether that gift is for individuals or for groups, Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels seem to be able to get around and spread their holiday cheer. Whether they are actually purchasing something special or some special things or even contributing to the purpose of the holiday occasion. For instance, some of the ‘what they may do’ can include anything from a good hot meal to bags of groceries, simple items that may be needed or perhaps granting a grand holiday wish for someone, whether they actually know those whom they are gift giving too or not.

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One thing that is sure, when it comes to Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels they can be creative and spontaneous as well. Perhaps, it is the joy of Christmas for their Christmas past, their Christmas present or even for Christmas yet to come. Then again, there may be some of these individuals or groups that give gifts to others whether they know them or not because of missing some Christmas during their younger years. Yet, there are as many reasons for being Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels as there are people who give and people who receive. They are I do believe those who carry the spirit of love, hope and charity within their hearts and then take action when able to make a special occasion better for others by share their sense of holiday cheer. Indeed, being such a creature is wonderful, heart touching and dear for their mystery Santa ideas.

* A very special thank-you note going out to all those Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels for sharing your Love and sense of Holiday Cheer in one manner or another.

Happy Holidays!


Santa’s Elves and Christmas Angels
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