SAP cloud for IT companies – Cloud computing is one of the pillars of SAP's strategy

Cloud computing is one of the pillars of SAP’s strategy. Customers should be able to integrate services and software from Walldorf in their individual cloud concept. The ERP product, Business By Design is only one block.

‘Over the next three to five years there will be a significant simplification in the data center,’ Vishal Sikka, chief technology forecasting in SAP. ‘The basis for this software development will be.’ Concepts such as cloud computing and virtualization reduced the complexity of the IT landscape. Altogether the data center will be the future ‘elastic’ than today be said Sikka.

SAP wants to do his part. The Walldorf are not just as a pioneer of cloud computing , but they try to tackle this issue now reinforced. At SAPPHIRE in Madrid for example, was working more closely with EMC and VMware announced – two vendors whose expertise in the areas of private cloud or virtualization lie. The announcement is still pretty vague. It would examine ways to offer an integrated stack that is optimized for business-critical SAP applications. Together, the three IT companies to invest in best-of-breed applications and technologies for databases, virtualization, management and information infrastructure.

What they mean is: Businesses should have it easier in future to run SAP applications in a private cloud or a virtualized environment. Through the collaboration of SAP, EMC and VMware companies will also get more ideas out into the hybrid cloud – that is, the combination of Private and Public Cloud.

SAP’s own offer for the public cloud is however still no unalloyed success story. 700 companies currently use the web-based software solution, Business By Design. By the end of the year, this figure nevertheless lie at 1000. To push forward the spread, the outlook is reinforced by subsidiary companies as a customer group. Cut there exist a rule similar structures as in medium-sized companies, the Business By Design is.

The new store is designed to help SAP created as an online sales channel to increase the attractiveness of Business By Design. Companies can acquire there additional tools for the cloud solution. These include integration services and add-ons, and report templates, mashups and apps.

SAP wants to strengthen partners encourage applications for Business By Design and develop these in the online store to provide reports Friedrich Neumeyer, who is responsible for global business partner in SAP. ‘Because of its low complexity, Business By Design is particularly suitable as the basis for apps,’ said Neumeyer.

For the creation of mobile applications, SAP offers its partners the Business By Design Studio development environment. The development tool SAP provides a platform-as-a-service. Currently, there is thus only develop applications for mobile devices that work with Windows 7.5. The number of supported mobile operating systems, but SAP will continue to expand.

There are both partners and corporate users a Java development platform in SAP’s data cloud. This will provide SAP under the name River also as platform-as-a-service. First, a private beta version is planned. Using River can be extended cloud core applications and develop new business applications. Consultants and Gesch√§ftssoftwareaxperte Wolfgang Martin holds the Java platform for an interesting announcement, you should continue to monitor.

‘Technological Basis of River’s HANA’ says Sikka. On the in-memory appliance focuses on SAP all the time anyway: In the future, all products can work with the technology. Sun HANA is also offered in the Cloud – also initially as a private beta version. The next generation of SAP’s cloud applications will then run on the in-memory system.

HANA is the basis for an offer that is likely to be significantly expanded in the future. ‘We want to provide our users with the widest possible range of cloud solutions,’ says co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe. The company had the ability to use SAP to complete data from the cloud or in part. ‘We also provide individual cloud applications available, which are then integrated with the backend systems like SAP Business Suite,’ said Snabe further.

Among these applications are designed for use in distribution solution developed CRM on Demand, which is now generally available. SAP is already a preview of the next version: This is easy to integrate with the CRM system and the Walldorf with partner applications.

SAP announces for the coming months to further on-demand solutions. Travel On Demand helps in planning business. From the end of the year, its first pilot customers can work with. In the first quarter of 2012, the application will be generally available. Career On Demand is available for pilot customers early next year ready. The SAP solution supports numerous functions, according to the cooperation and control of staff and professional development goals. The acquisition of Success Factors also goes in this direction. There may be two solutions from SAP: The Success Factors of one hand and on the other hand, the self-developed as a basic version or for smaller firms.

To improve collaboration within and between companies, is another target that has been set, according to SAP Snabe with its cloud services. One of the technologies, thus coming to be used, Crossgate. Recently, SAP was the complete takeover of the expert in B2B integration announced . Now it is finished. Crossgate provides a platform for cloud-base to provide, through which companies can network with each other – about bills to settle it. ‘Crossgate is the connecting point between the company,’ said Snabe.

For networking within the company offers the SAP Collaboration Tool Work Stream . The manufacturers promoted the web-based software system as a kind of Facebook for the office. Users can now also use functions for data analysis, which were integrated into the platform.

Whether it can convince despite the growing number of applications, the managers in the company of SAP software in the public cloud, however, remains to be seen. On the one hand, users lift of Business By Design, such as the American headphone maker, the ease of use out of the solution. Another advantage is that the functions of the cloud system are available everywhere.

Also German reference customers praise the solution: You count them as the Bavarian propeller manufacturer MT-propeller and the precious e-bike manufacturer PG Bikes . For the former it was, for the majority of custom-made products made the entire process from ordering to warehousing and order fulfillment to have up to accounting and shipping in a solution in sight and to meet aeronautical requirements. PG Bikes on the other hand it was a matter of ERP data is always current and live on the web show, without having to adapt to the online shop must: For merh than 13 billion possible configurations an all too understandable desire.

On the other hand, there are still many concerns about the public cloud. According to the Experton Group pays some of the German middle class is still to retain control of its processes and infrastructure. A large part of IT decision makers in medium-sized enterprises tend Рin addition to the partial use of software-as-a-service Рto cloud infrastructure in-house. The Private Cloud is also the Berlin Charité, an SAP user, the preferred concept. According to CIO Martin Peuker the compliance regulations in healthcare are particularly strict. Therefore not even the data would be stored on the mobile devices of employees offline, but remained in their own data center.