Savannah Ghosts Haunt Camera

Not known for my photography, normally…

First of all, please let me announce that I am not an expert on paranormal activity. The scope of my knowledge on this topic is limited to a handful of odd personal experiences and Ghostbusters (1 & 2). What I do have to share are some photos I took while on a commercial “Ghost Tour” in Savannah, GA which show orbs. During the tour we were told that orbs in photos are believed by some to be spiritual activity normally not detected by human eye, perhaps even souls or ghosts.

middle of window most suspicious - own photo

Orb theory

There is some controversy about the validity of orbs in photos which makes sense since there were five of us travelling together and my photos (taken with a Nikon Coolpix camera) were loaded with them while some of the other members of my party only had a few. One person captured none at all. A quick internet search back at out hotel informed us that digital cameras tend to display more of the strange spots than 35mm cameras do. We also learned that the phenomenon (if that is what it is) can be caused by dust in the air or rain. While I do not know if Savannah had been dusted recently, it was not raining.

Daylight start time

The tour began in the basement of a restaurant with an underground passage to the river where shenanigans almost certainly took place including men getting drunk in the bar and dragged unconscious through the tunnel onto a waiting ship. Since ghost stories involve death some of those poor schmucks must not have made it because people claim to hear noises and singing there. It was barely sunset and my photo of the Pirate House restaurant taken from my tour bus seat was totally normal. The next spot, also with waning light, was a cute house with a lot of stories of violence from beyond the grave. The flash did not engage and the resulting picture was not centered and at an angle but basically fine.

not quite dark - tiny orbs all over - own photo

Here is the good stuff

As darkness fell we went on to a cemetery and several homes. I won’t show the cemetery because that shot has unsuspecting tourists in it but for anyone interested in seeing some orbs, here are a few of the most polluted photos taken that night. Decide for yourself.

current home of attorney - ghosts will probably vacate - own photo

site of triple child murder - own photo