Save Money while staying in a hostel

Can overbearing expenses be reduced by living in a hostel?

The answer is yes!

If you are on a shoe-string budget, and want to go through a novel experience consider living in a hostel. Today, there is no age limit for those who want to join the ranks of backpackers and regular hostel guests.

There are some important things to review however.

The quality and facilities are a variable parameter when it comes to hostels, but the lodging is actually quite spare as compared to a hotel. Sleeping quarters are shared amongst a number of guests, usually of the same gender. Private bathrooms are virtually non-existent. To relief yourself in the night, you might want to walk down the hall to reach the bathroom, with often just a single toilet.

You may also be asked to bring your own bedding. Linen may or may not be on the bill that depends on the accommodation you chose to stay in. Generally laundry is coin-operated.

Breakfast can be a part of hostel package, while others may have kitchens where guests can cook themselves.

You can certainly count yourself amongst the lucky ones if the hostel has the following facilities:

* A rather flattering in-city shuttle service which is a token of the administration’s liking to your tastes. It can also include pick and drop to the nearest airport/bus terminal.

* Common rooms with media entertainment such as computer and internet services.

* Safety deposit boxes

* Hostels own tour guides

* Electronically encoded key-cards.

Some hostels however do require an advance payment. The payment can be in cash as well. In either case it is wise to carry a recognized ATM card, for which there are almost no commission charges.

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