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Save Your Pets Through Personalized Emergency Dog Decals

Save Your Pets through Personalized Emergency Dog Decals

Did you know that you can save your pets during emergencies even if you’re at work through personalized emergency dog decals? By placing emergency decals in your windows and front doors, police and fire department officers would be informed that pets are inside the house. Trough this simple act, saving your pets in emergency situations such as fire, flood and earthquakes would be the rescuer’s top priority especially when pet owners are not around. Furthermore, necessary medications and first aid kits for animals will be brought during the rescue process.

About emergency dog decals

Emergency dog decals can be purchased either in standard forms or you can opt for the custom made. Decals are described as removable wall, window or door stickers. Originally, decals are created for the purpose of home decoration. Today, it is already used as an information disseminator. Most standard designs of dog decals would either be 3”x 3” or 5”x 4” in size containing the message “in case of emergency, please rescue my dog”. In addition, you can easily remove these stickers if you’re changing address or in cases wherein your dog is not at home without the worry of wall and window stains.

As for personalized emergency dog decals, you can choose what design to use. You can also add pictures of your dogs and his name for easy recognition and rescue. Either way, using emergency dog decals would be a great help for rescuers. It may seem too good to be true but a little advance information can make a big difference.

Why use animal emergency alert decals?

There are many ways for you to ensure your pet’s safety. Some take their pets at daycare centers while others hire a pet sitter or a dog walker. These methods can be very effective if you have the money to spend. However, for those who have a tight budget, they just leave their pets home alone the whole day and hope for the best. This is where the problem arises. Emergencies are unpredictable events. You can hope all day but it won’t save your pets from anything.

With emergency pet decals, you can ensure that rescuers would do everything they can to help or save your pets without spending too much money. It is because these stickers are very affordable, durable and convenient. All you need to do is to purchase one and place it on your windows or doors.

Where to buy or order custom made emergency dog decals?

Most personalized emergency dog decals are sold online for $10 per package at dreamweaverstudios.com. This package contains four pieces of 2” x 4” sized decals. Each emergency dog decal would contain your dog’s picture, his name and important message and details. As for standard designs, you can visit petrescuestickers.com to choose from a variety of designs and sizes. You can also let them personalized it without additional payment provided that it’s the same design and size.

As a final thought, knowing that your pets will be saved during emergency cases is not only a relief but it can also let you concentrate more in your work. The best part is personalized emergency dog decals can be a good décor for your homes without spending too much.

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