Save Your Skull- Use Safety Helmets

safety helmets

Enter a plant site and you may see a lot of safety helmets being worn by the workers. These safety helmets or hard hats protect the workers from injuries to the head which may take place due to the objects falling on the head or the head being banged accidentally on some object. We all know the importance of safety helmets on construction site but just wearing one will not serve the purpose. It is very important to understand that only correct safety helmets are used at work as the safety wear that is not effective will not only cease to be effective but can prove to be extremely dangerous for the wearer.


Based on the work environment, selection of safety helmets should be done. There are some helmets that can be worn with other categories of PPE such as safety glasses. An effective safety helmet has a rigid outer shell that reduced the impact of the blow whereas the inner shell acts as a shock absorber. It minimizes or removes the impact of the blow that may happen in cases where an ineffective safety wear is used. Also, it should be made sure that you select only the ones that have ANSI label marked on the inside of the shell. The ones which do not have the label should immediately be rejected.

Safety Helmets

Safety helmets are classified into Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 safety helmets are used to minimize the force of impact on the top of the head whereas Type 2 safety helmets are used to reduce the force of impact that may be received off center or to the top of the head. Apart from these there are various other categories of safety helmets that are used in the places where there is a danger to the head due to electricity. Some are designed to reduce the hazard due to exposure to high voltage electrical conductors and is tested at 20,000 volts. This is termed as class E. On the other hand, there is a class G category of safety helmets that is used to minimize the exposure to electrical conductors and is tested at 2,200 volts. You can buy safety helmets according to the requirement of your work place.

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Your task does not end only after buying the helmet. A proper care must be taken of the PPE for its long and effective life. The helmet that is brought should properly fit to the wearer’s head. The safety helmets must be kept clean and any sort of dirt, dust or paint should immediately be removed from them as they may disrupt the functioning of the helmets. Also, any sort of scratch should also be avoided on the helmet. A safety helmet should become a mandatory part of your work wear for your safety.