Saving Money on your Baby's Necessities

Everyone loves the word FREE and when it comes to the cost of raising a child this word can be even more exciting. Fox Business reports that it can cost up to $475,680 to raise a child to the age of 18. In this economy bringing up a child can be overwhelming financially. Thinking about diapers, food, daycare, toys, schooling, sports, and music lessons- can turn your budget into a nightmare. I think we all can agree that raising a child is an expensive prospect. However, there is help out there. There are many companies who offer free baby stuff, products, and coupons. All you have to do is register and let the offers start pouring in.

So what does this mean for parents or soon to be parents? If you were to wait until you could “afford” children, you might become pretty lonely! Although the first few years can be costly there are ways to be financially conscious. Let’s take a look at two of the most costly baby necessities and find some easy ways to whittle those costs down.

Disposable diapers can be very costly, over the first few years you’re likely to spend over $3000. Add in more children and the costs keep multiplying. However, diapers are one of the main areas in which you can save money. Companies like Huggies and Pampers often offer valuable coupons and reward points can be used for discounts. Getting on these companies mailing lists is a great way to keep track of deals and potential savings.

Formula is also a large expense. The yearly cost can run you $1500-$2000. However, signing up for free baby products can earn you up to $250 worth of formula rewards, that could be 10% of your yearly cost just for inputting some email information- that’s easy money! Reputable baby companies are fighting for your business and are ready to win you over by giving you deals in order to try or regularly use their products.

Since the baby boom doesn’t seem to be slowing down there are many companies that offer parents deals, coupons or even free items. Do a little research, scour the internet and sign up for savings. All you have to do is sign up and watch the rewards come to your inbox. It’s a simple way to cash in free baby samples and save your family a few dollars.