Saving money on your broadband package

When you’re looking for a broadband deal it can be easy to not really understand what you need or are paying for. There are so many great deals out there and finding exactly which one is right for you can be a little trying. Most of us end up paying too much for our broadband deals or end up with a lot of extras we don’t need. If you want to save some money on your broadband deal then we’re on hand with some useful tips to make sure you save money on your broadband package.

Shop around

More than anything else you need to shop around for a good internet deal. Online is of course the best place to shop around but you can also find great deals by directly contacting companies. This is particularly good if you find a better deal as you can ring your existing company and ask for a better deal – you’d be amazed how often a better deal just happens to spring out of the woodwork.

Only pay for the internet you need, use and can get!

When it comes to saving money on your broadband deal how much you use the internet is very important to how much you should be paying. When it comes to internet use we have three real types of internet user; heavy, medium and light. Heavy users will stream, download and/or play a lot of online games while light users will just browse, send emails and surf the net. These low intensity online activities mean you don’t need high internet speeds and unlimited download limits a month. Understanding where you fit into the scheme of internet use means that you can get the best value package for your money. Also before you actually buy an internet package you should use a broadband speed checker to see what speeds you can actually receive. Most broadband deals come with speeds up to 24MB/second but the reality is that few in this country get speeds above 8MB/s so you don’t want to pay for internet speeds you can’t actually receive.

Getting a deal?

One of the biggest influences on most broadband packages is the “deal” you can get. There are broadband and TV deals, phone and broadband deals and a variety of broadband plus freebies deals. It can be really easy to plump for a great looking deal but if you want to save money then you need to be careful. There are plenty of great deals out there but unless you are actually going to use all the aspects of them fully you might be better just getting broadband. TV bundles are the biggest pitfall for most of us as it is easy to end up getting a TV deal with lots of channels we don’t actually need. If you want TV and broadband then you will often be better selecting a package that is tailored to your needs; rather than having a hundred channels you’ll never watch. Phone packages tend to offer free evening and weekend calls but in an increasingly smartphone led age unless you will chat on your landline often this might not be necessary. Particularly if you get a fibre optic line getting a phone line as well will cost you extra! If you want to get a package deal also check the contract length as you will often be set into a contract for 18 months or longer.