Saving Money on Your Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

For so many Americans, that early cup of hot coffee is essential before they can really become productive and get their day started. It’s become part of their routine, and routines are very good! However, even a single cup of coffee every morning of the week will add up to some serious money in the end. If you’re one of these coffee connoisseurs, here are a few tips we came up with to help reduce your daily spending on joe, without missing out on your morning ‘fix’!

Buy Bulk Beans

Although the convenience of having someone else make your coffee for you is really nice early in the morning, you can save a lot of money if you just make your own drinks at home; it can also save you a lot of much needed time. Although there is the initial investment of buying a high end coffee machine at the very beginning, you can quickly recover that money in savings, especially if you drink multiple cups of coffee each morning. Once you have a good, solid machine, most of your local gourmet cafes will sell you their beans in whole form or already pre-ground! This essentially brings the coffee directly to you for a fraction of the price!

Search for Super Savings

With the immense amount of good cafes in every neighborhood, try as many of them as you can until you find the perfect spot for you. There are too many commercial, well-known, large chain cafes everywhere that you have already been to dozens of times. Make a little fun with it and see how many small, local joints you can visit; at each establishment, ask about daily deals, rewards programs, or punch cards. Eventually you are bound to find exactly what you like and can afford! Also, the atmosphere of each café changes so you might just find your favorite new place to go relax and enjoy your coffee, rather than wait in a long line, and then hurry out the door with no time to enjoy it.