SavingsAngel is a website I have been using since March 2009. During the time that i have used the service, I have gained so much knowledge about coupon shopping and why its not okay to pay retail. The website has an extremely large coupon base that allows the Staff members to match up weekly sale items with those coupons, which in turn creates a large percentage off for some items. They also have a large list of stores they display savings for. The service itself costs $5 dollars a week and has a money back guarantee. There is also a community section where everybody posts about things they have found in local stores, such as clearance deals.  They also post how certain things went for somebody in a particular store.  Sharing recipes and success stories is also very common in the community.

While I have been a member, I cant even begin to describe the amount of money I have saved. It has allowed me to bring my family of 5 down from $150 a week grocery bill, to somewhere around $75 dollars a week. That means for me, spending the 5 dollars a week to save roughly 75, is defiantly worth it to me. 

The Referral program they have is also a bonus, For every person you tell the good savings news to, you get $5 dollars every month that they renew their memberships sent to a Paypal account.  (memberships are 5 dollars a week, but billed every 4 weeks.)  That means that with only 4 referrals, your membership is free. There is currently no limit on referrals either. The possibilities are endless with that.   

In conclusion SavingsAngel is far worth the investment just for the fact of saving money on your weekly grocery bill. The referral program is a big bonus, but is nowhere compared to the knowledge you get from the website and the extremely helpful community and staff members. 

If your interested in SavingsAngel at all, Please click my referral link!