Say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles

Summer comes and with it, beach parties, dinners with friends, late nights,? but there is always that ‘morning after’ where the dark circles and bags are bringing a tired and aged appearance to your face.
The Dr. Jose Gonzalez Vidal , ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, eye expert and director of the Clinical Miestetic gives us some simple tricks to have a good face after little sleep, and specifically how to get a bright look without dark circles or bags.
How to remove the bags and dark circles after the party
‘The bags make to look sad and aged appearance and are characterized by a swelling in the lower eyelid. Thecircles , however, appear by the pigment of the hair that is deposited in the surface layers of the skin. Both bags as dark circles can appear for genetic causes but little when you sleep or when you are tired or stressed’explains Dr. Jose Gonzalez Vidal, expert attention.
The doctor gives us tips to get redress and hide those bags and dark circles which have appeared after little sleep, and what myths are true or not about it:
For bags
Apply cucumber slices over the eyes is a common myth. It is true that helps deflate and relieve the bags, but keep in mind this is a momentary effect . ‘The cold all it does is to produce vasoconstriction and therefore, a decrease of fluid from the vessels. Thus, if the cold be used every day and could have steadily improved, but then worsen again if left to apply ‘explains the doctor.
It is advisable to sleep with the head higher than the body, ie with a pillow or two , since it causes fluid to accumulate less in the facial area, specifically in the eye bags. Thus, we get up to look better and less puffy eye.
A light meal based on vegetables and low-salt also helps to lower fluid retention and, therefore, to look better in the morning.
Wash your face with cold water in the morning helps to lower the bags. In addition to exercise first thing , even when simply walking-the accelerated elimination of fluid in the facial area and, therefore, improve before the appearance of the bags.
The ultimate solution for bags that do not disappear is the treatment of chemical blepharoplasty , in which the doctor performs a localized half peeling takes about 10 minutes.
For dark circles
A sound sleep is reflected in our appearance, particularly in dark circles. For this reason, it is one of the most effective solutions for dark circles.
Apply home treatment in serum lightening or whitening. The doctor recommended to apply twice a day for a month at least.
The makeup concealer is the fastest solution to get the dark color to hide the dark circles.
If the circles do not go away, the final solution and painless in clinics that perform Miestetic is the infiltration of the filler v itamins or depigmentation or whitening treatment by laser.