Scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Creating a halloween garden can be creepy fun. It can also add a whole new dimension to the holiday.

One of the wonderful things about seasonal holidays is the ability to spread your creative wings and decorate in your own style. Halloween comes with many different possible moods from the cute to the ghoulish that you can play with.

Certain looks work inside but the garden gives a whole different mood you can create with. It is also a place where you can put your decorating style on display for others in your neighborhood.

Ghoulish Gardens

If you want to make a ghoulish garden you can have skeletons, zombies or dare I say it….a decayed corpse coming out of the ground. This can create a scary feel at night (the zombie and corpse it’s scary in daylight too). This takes the Halloween imagination beyond the usual decorations. Even classic garden flamingos can get a Halloween makeover with Skel-A-Mingos.

Garden Zombie Decayed Corpse Skel-A-Mingos

You can take this idea further by turning your garden into a cemetery. Adding tombstones adds an extra dose of creepiness.

Rest in Pieces Tombstone Vampire Demon Tombstone

Not too Scary Gardens

If you would like create a garden that won’t terrify the local kids (or your own kids) you can get some cute garden statues.

Halloween flags and banners can also give a great medieval look to a garden that isn’t too scary.

If you look around enough you can find the Halloween props you need to create the scary (or not-so-scary) garden that you want. It’s all about adding your own personality and flair to the new and interesting options decorating outside can give you.

Witch Statue Ghost Banner Halloween Hitcher Flag