Scary stories

Two buddies were on a trip. As day passed, they set up a camp out of some trees and leaves, and while heating their tea, they started to tell stories. One of them began :
„ I heard a pretty good one once. Deep in the jungle somewhere, a guy got lost. He was on his own and he had to do everything all by himself, in order for bare survival. He managed to get through the first day. At sunset, he built some kind of a bed for night shelter, out of some branches and leaves, a few feet above ground level. But as he was deadly exhausted, instead of keeping one eye open, he fell into a sinking deep sleep.He did not watch his right arm, which was hanging down loose, almost touching the ground. When he woke up in the morning, he felt his arm kind of numb. He looked down, and saw that a giant snake has swallowed the arm entirely. As the snake’s gut acids had begun to react, the fellow’s arm was almost literally digested.”
I heard a real good one myself, said the other man:
„ It happened in the jungle, too. A man, trapped in the wilderness, after having moved away from his tripping team, was starving. He had heard, that there are some edible insects out here. So, he tried his luck with a scorpion. When he caught one, he chopped off its head, and tried to chew on it immediately. But the nerves of the scorpion were still active, and the decapitated little bug stung its deadly venom in the man’s tongue. The guy was dead in two hours.”
There are a whole lot of scary stories out there, that people are telling each other. Some of them new, some ancient of origin, as say, ghost stories. The psychological explanation of even beginning to tell them, lays in man’s urge to overcome his fears. Fear of the unexplained, fear of the marvellous, but sometimes horrific (for the human eye) appearance of some animals, and so on.
They say, that there is a strong connection between telling such stories, and dreaming. Both, be that as it may,are meant to relieve the human mind of something unexplained, and as such, fearful.