Scary Zombie Theme Halloween Party Favors and Frightful Decorating Ideas

Halloween will soon be here. If you have been searching around to find the perfect Halloween party ideas, one of the first things to come to mind this year are zombies, since Thriller was an amazing zombie theme video and song given to us over twenty years ago, by Michael Jackson who has recently passed onto the land of the living dead as the King of Pop in the hearts of a multitude. Zombie theme Halloween parties may already be a popular for many. You can learn how to do it yourself when it comes to Halloween decorating ideas. You can make your own Halloween party favors to fit your zombie theme Halloween ideas.

Scary zombie theme Halloween party

When you are planning a Halloween party and your party theme is that of zombies there are various ways to create your own zombie Halloween party favors. When you consider that zombies are dead, slow and scary since they are getting up to wander around and then get ravenously hungry and then go after almost anything they are lucky enough to catch. Unless of course, you consider the intelligence and speed of the zombies of I Am Legend, lead by the Alpha Male Zombie played by Dash Mihok verses the sole survivor in New York City Robert Neville played by Will Smith in December of 2007, then the ideas for zombie Halloween party favors and Halloween decorating ideas can take on a different perspective.

imageDemonia Zombie Buckle Toe Heel


Find Zombie Theme Halloween Ideas for Event Planning

You can either shop around for store bought Halloween favors and party decorations locally or online. Most often you will find a much better selection by shopping online for your Halloween party favors and Halloween party decorations. However, with a little creativity you can create your own do it yourself Halloween party favors and party decorations. You may want to use the search engines to find some really cool websites or auctions for various types of scary, dead and gory party decorations or party favors for your Halloween party event.

imageAdult The Walking Dead – Little Girl Zombie Deluxe Mask


Dead Moss and Foliage

Another thing to consider is making your own Zombie theme Halloween party favors and decorations. While you are decorating you may consider using sprays of Spanish moss or other moss types such as that used by florists. If you have a local florist you may even be able to talk them into checking out their bins out back to find various types of dying and wilting foliage and flowers for decorating purposes. However, you do need to be careful of any florist wires or spikes they may throw away with the rest of the arrangements. You can place the moss or dead foliage and flowers about for special effects. Do not overdo this, since you will have to clean up and you just want to accent the deadness of a zombie theme Halloween party idea.

Halloween headstones-zombie theme party

Halloween Headstones

If you have time and plan well or at least have a few people helping, you can make headstones of wood and then carve different names into the wooden headstone. You can either build a brace at the bottom for standing or you may want to consider digging small holes to place them in your yard. Be sure to save any dirt for refilling the holes later.

imageHollywood Quality Zombie Costume Makeup Facial Appliance Mask Kit


The Spooky Mist of Dry Ice

Dry ice offers its own special effect by creating a spooky mist fit for any type of scary Halloween party ideas and especially frightening and gory zombie theme Halloween ideas. If you choose to use dry ice as a Halloween party decoration idea you really need to do some research on how to handle dry ice and any risks involved with its use before you try using it at your Halloween party. However, as long as you practice safety the spooky mist of dry ice is deliciously mysterious and fun.

dry dead zombie bones

Dead Dry Bones

Other than using the real thing, you may consider some of those rawhide dog bones you can find in the pet section. These come in various sizes from small to very large. You could place large dead dry bones about for decorating as well as use small dead dry bones as part of the Halloween gag party favors. This should be a welcome surprise for anyone who offers their dogs rawhide dog bones.

Halloween Zombie Dolls Party Favors

You can make your own simple Halloween party favor zombie dolls. While using old scraps of burlap you can cut out a simple doll and then stuff it with moss and sew it up. There is no need to be very detailed while making zombie faces on the dolls, you can simply use a magic marker to make X’s for the eyes and the mouth. On the other hand, you may want to use buttons for eyes. You can fray the edges of the doll and present as is or if you are really feeling constructive you might even make some clothing for your zombie dolls. If you are not in the mood for sewing you can always make zombie dolls using sticks and some thread or long scraps of material for making and wrapping the doll.

If you are really into creating an amazing zombie theme Halloween party you should allow your creativity to guide you as you search for Halloween party ideas, Halloween party favors and Halloween decorating ideas that express your inner zombie while entertaining the inner zombies of all your guests.

You can always top the night off with your own party rendition of Thriller while dancing the night away or you may want to make some popcorn and enjoy another viewing of I Am Legend.

zombie Halloween Party ideas

Happy Halloween and Enjoy!