Schwinn 130 Vs 170: Comparing the 130 and 170 Upright Bikes

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Schwinn 130 or Schwinn 170 – What’s the Difference?

Here, we take a look at & quickly compare two of the new upright exercise bikes from Schwinn — 130 Vs 170 — through firstly providing a brief overview of both & then going on to highlight their distinct differences (and the general improvements made in the 170 model), so you can decide whether the ‘added value’ is justifiable for the $100 difference in price.

Schwinn 130 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

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The 130 is designed to be a quality exercise machine that will provide you with a vigorous cardiovascular workout, but comes at a very affordable (just under $300) price. It is integrated with 20 varying levels of ECB resistance and is fitted with a sophisticated high speed & high inertia perimeter flywheel to actually replicate an actual bike ride as well as ensuring its smooth & quiet in operation.

Moreover, it offers 9 specific work out programs, then another further 8 heart programs (where your heart rate gets monitored through grips embedded into the handlebars) and finally 5 custom programs: quick start, two fitness tests and two customizable programs.

Console Display System

The 130 also hosts a sophisticated dual track two window LCD system which reads a total of 13 separate fitness metrics all at once. Moreover, it is integrated with quick keys so you can quickly interchange your resistance levels.You also have the ability to set up two user profiles to use the goal tracking system with — that basically auto logs your fitness achievements with every workout you undertake, which you can then marvel upon how far you’ve come since you started (through Schwinn Connect &

Practical Specifications

The ergonomics and practicality were top priorities when the 130 was designed and manufactured and hence has numerous features that cater towards you being as comfortable as possible when you work out. Firstly, it has padded and contoured seats with an adjustable crank so you can get the seat at the right height & angle. Moreover, it comes with a bottle holder, integrated cooling fan & media tray. You can also play music aloud through the speaker system with acoustic chamber integrated. To hold the bike in place and provide an essence of stability it has two integrated levelers fitted.

Dimensions: 41 x 21 x 56 inches | Weight: 58.4 lbs | Rating: 74% (sourced

With regards to the warranty provided you get 10 years on the frame, 2 years on the mechanical parts & 1 year on the electronic components with 90 days of labor costs covered as well.

Schwinn 170 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

The 170 (priced at around $400) is fundamentally an upgrade to the 130 and hence although it incorporates a lot of the same features & aspects, they have been either improved upon or added to. For instance, the 170 has an extra 5 levels of resistance on offer (25 in total) as well as 29 specialized work out programs & 12 profile programs and 1 extra heart schedule, but still has the same weighted flywheel installed as the 130.

Console Display System

Moreover, the dual screen control display system (but with a blue back-lit screen) is implemented and reads out all the same 13 fitness metric readouts & has 4 user profiles on offer — as well as still having the USB compatibility with a goal tracker system implemented.

Practical Specifications

The extra padded chair has been made larger and has a post attachment installed to make for greater user comfort and has 3 piece pedal cramps (as opposed to one piece) with oversized pedals & toe straps. Like the 130, the 170 also comes with a water bottle holder, fan & reading tray (for books & magazines etc.) and wheels fitted to the bottom so you can transport the bike from room to room or for just general storage purposes. Note that the warranty program in place is the same as the 130’s.

Dimensions: 41 x 21 x 56 inches | Weight: 62.8 lbs | Rating: 80% (sourced

What’s the Difference Between the Schwinn 130 and 170?

As you can see the 130 and 170 are rather similar in terms of specifications and design but there are some subtle differences to be had between the two. Firstly, the performance features of the 170 is better than the 130 (having more exercise programs to choose from & 25 as opposed to 20 levels of resistance with the 130 model). Moreover, the 170 also improves on the integrated features when compared to the 130 such as the better seating, pedal and general framework in place.

To find out more about the 130 and 170 exercise upright bikes please visit

Which Upright Bike Should You Buy the Schwinn 130 or 170?

There is about a $100 difference in price (with the Schwinn 130 being $200 and Schwinn 170, with the best prices generally being found at – through the third party sellers), and for this reason & the amount of ‘added value’ that is on offer with the Schwinn 170, this would be the exercise bike that I would definitely advise you to go for. But let me know which exercise bike you will choose and why?

Finally, if you have any questions or issues regarding the comparison of the Schwinn 130 Vs 170 then please make them below (& if you’ve found this account useful please give it a like or share — will be much appreciated).

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