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Schwinn 250 Vs 270: Comparing the Recumbent 250 and 270

Schwinn 250 or Schwinn 270 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two classic & popular recumbent exercise bikes from Schwinn — 250 Vs 270 — through providing a brief overview of both models & then going on with concluding sections to highlight the difference between them, so you get a clear understanding as to which is the best model for you (along with an appreciation of their respective price tags).

Schwinn 250 Overview

Fitness Specifications & Aspects

The 250 model is a quality recumbent bike however comes at an affordable price (just over $400). Firstly, the ‘extra-large’ multi-color LCD monitor reads out all the necessary vitals (e.g. time, RPM, watts, distance, speed, resistance level) and offers a total of 16 work out programs (as well as up to 8 user profile programs) as well as an extra 2 heart rate fitness programs (where it offers heart rate monitors through the handle bar grips).

In order to track your fitness performance over time, the console is also integrated with the Schwinn Advantage — that basically acts like an automatic fitness journal & will update itself every time you’ve worked out. You can even play your music aloud through it via the media port — where it has two designated speakers.

Practical Details & Information

Moreover, the bike has been designed with ergonomic & practicality in mind, hence has an extra-wide seat fitted along with ‘oversized’ pedals to reduce impact & stress on your joints. To increase your comfort further the Scwhinn 250 also has an adjustable console implemented with a power fan, a bottle holder, storage basket as well as a media tray for to you use. There is also a seat rail attached, so it can be adjusted for both small and tall users.

The drive system is a standard perimeter weighted flywheel that basically acts to mimic a ‘true road feel’ and provide for a sturdy and vigorous workout — with 16 ECB levels of resistance on offer (yet all at whisper quiet noise levels). Further note that the Schwinn 250 bike is capable of holding a user capacity of up to 275 lbs.

Dimensions: 63 x 25 x 46 inches | Weight: 117 lbs | Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

Also, with regards to the warranty in place — when bought new you get a 5 years period for the frame, a 1 year coverage for both mechanical & electric components and up to 90 days for covering labor costs.

Schwinn 270 Overview

Fitness Specifications & Aspects

Essentially the Schwinn 270 exercise bike is an upgrade to the 250 (retails for just under $500), so although a lot of the features remain from the 250, they have been both improved & added to with additional aspects — making it a top-of-the-range model.

The advanced console system implemented offers a dual track system (one 3′ x 5′ display screen & a secondary 1′ by 5′ display) that allows you to view up to 13 fitness metrics all at the same time. Moreover, it comes with Schwinnconnect that acts like an automatic fitness log so you can track your fitness progress. It also offers a huge range of 29 individual training programs, so you can keep on challenging yourself.

Practical Details & Information

It has also undergone a major re-design with ergonomics & comfort as a primary target — hence has extra wide & extra padded seats (along with vented & lumbar support) with contoured leg space. The seat slider rail system is also very easy to adjust with the lever system now in place. Furthermore, there are two integrated levelers with an oversized cross bar to stabilize the bike and allow for a solid work out. Schwinn advise that the 270 is capable of accommodating users no heavier than 300 lbs.

Moreover, the internal specifications have been re-configured so it now offers you 25 levels of ECB resistance and a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel to keep workout noise whisper quiet. It has a more accurate heart rate monitor grips, varying fan & a re-vamped sound system with an acoustic chamber.

The warranty that Schwinn have implemented is also far better with the 270 compared to the 250 — 10 years on the frame-work, 2 years on mechanical parts, a year for electrical components and 90 days of labor costs.

Dimensions: 64 x 28 x 50 inches | Weight: 86.6 lbs | Rating: 78% (sourced amazon.com)

What’s the Difference Between the Schwinn 250 and 270?

So as you can see there are a good few differences between the 250 and 270, but just to quickly recap: the 270 offers more variation in resistance levels, comes with a more advanced drive system and dual console (offering further workout & heart programs & profiles) that also has the ability to goal track with a USB (allowing you to access myfitnesspal.com & Schwinn Connect etc.). Moreover, all the minor features have undergone improvements as well such as the fan, sound system etc.

Find out more about the Schwinn 250 and 270 from Schwinnfitness.com.

Which Recumbent Exercise Bike Should You Buy the 250 or 270?

With a price difference of just $100 (to get the best prices on the 250 & 270, I suggest you see amazon.com), I definitely recommend that you go for the Schwinn 270 model as all of the added value (described above) more than fully justifies that bit extra cost. But what schwinn recumbent exercise bike will you go for and why?

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding either the comparison of the Schwinn 250 Vs 270 then please them below.

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