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Schwinn 430 Vs 460: Comparing the 430 and 460

Schwinn 430 or 460 – Which is Best for You?

The following comparison guide takes a look at two of the Schwinn’s most popular elliptical models — 430 Vs 460 — which are quite similar to one another, so its difficult for most people to know which is the best to go for. This is where this account comes in, through providing you with an overview of both and a section highlighting their key differences, you will be able to easily identify which is the most ideal elliptical trainer for you.

Schwinn 430 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

This model is a new release from Schwinn and has the making of being their best overall value elliptical machine they have ever produced — a quality product available at a budget price (just under $600). It comes with a total of 22 work out programs which incl. specialized heart workouts (with the heart rate monitor being available as a grip on the inner static handlebars) and fitness tests etc.

The 430 is integrated with a high speed high intertia perimeter weighted flywheel drive system that is effective in maintaining a smooth & quiet operation from which you can access over 20 different levels of ECB resistance as well as alter the incline level up to 10 degrees to make the workout even harder. Note that every stride length is however fixed at 20′.

Console Display System

The 430 is fitted with an advanced dual track console system (with dual screens) that displays 13 diagnostic readouts detailing aspects of your workout at the same time. It is also fitted with quick keys so you can alter resistance as well as track your performance progress through the goal tracker program (where you can export your workout data through a USB cable to either Schwinn Connect or myfitnesspal).

Practical Specifications

It offers high degree of support to ensure low impact on your joints through large articulating cushioned foot plates and comes with a range of additional features to ‘add’ to your workout such as a fan, upgraded acoustic chamber sound system and media tray.

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 70′ x 28′ x 63′ | Weight: 164 lbs

Schwinn 460 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

The Schwinn 460 is a unique elliptical trainer in that you can alter its stride length between 2′ and 28′ this makes it an awesome model for those who are either particularly small or very tall (whereas most other elliptical machines are fixed). Although this makes it slightly more expensive than the standard model (at just over $1000), it is a lot cheaper than other competing elliptical machines that offer stride length variation & they are rather limited. 7

Moreover, it offers you a range of 16 workout programs incl. manual, profile etc. and allows you to gauge your fitness progress through the Schwinn Advantage technology (which like above automatically records a fitness log for you). It also offers you two ways to read your heart rate either through the grip mechanism or telemetry.

Console Display System

It comes with a sophisticated touch screen LCD screen console that reads out a range of fitness metrics whilst you’re working out and through it you can alter the resistance ECB levels by up to 16 increments. As you can see from the image as well it offers the static and moving handlebars for you to hold on to.

Practical Specifications

The 460 also offers a range of additional features to help make your workout easier and more comfortable too such as the articulating foot plate, 2 speaker sound system, variable fan, bottle holder and media tray.

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 68′ x 26′ x 70′ | Weight: 230 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the 430 and 460?

Between the 430 and 460, there exists a few major differences. In essence, the 430 is the latest and most advanced model it offers greater variation with regards to resistance (& incline levels) and offers more fitness programs as well as a better, re-configured display console and practical integrated features. The main selling point with the 460 however is its telemetry heart rate monitor and adjustable stride variation that the 430 doesn’t offer.

There is a slight difference on with regards to the warranty too, the 460 is backed for 5 years on the frame, 1 year on electronic components and mechanical parts and 90 days labor whereas the 430 is covered for 10 years on the frame, 2 years on mechanical aspects, 1 year on electrical components and 90 days on labor costs.

Which Elliptical Machine Should You Buy the 430 or 460?

If you are between 5 ft 7 and 6ft 1, then I advise you to go for the 430, given the 20 inch stride is about spot on for you — plus the 430 is cheaper and has better features and aspects (as detailed above). If you are however outside of that height range either smaller or taller then you should consider the 460 model, given that you can alter the stride length to match your natural body running workout motion, ensuring you are comfortable & aren’t stressing your body when working out.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison account of the Schwinn 430 Vs 460, then please leave them below.

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