Schwinn 430 Vs 470: Comparing the 430 and 470

Schwinn 430 or 470 – Which is Best for You?

Are you interested in investing in a new Schwinn Elliptical machine and have decided specifically on either to get the recently released 430 or 470, however are unsure as to which machine to go for? This comparison review — 430 Vs 470 — should be able to help you out, it will firstly provide you with a brief overview of what both elliptical machines have to offer you and then finally highlight their differences. From this, you will get a clear idea as to which model (with an appreciation of their prices) you should go for.

Schwinn 430 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

This mid-priced elliptical (comes in at just under $600) is a quality exercise machine that offers up to 20 varying levels of eddy break current resistance and works on a high speed intertia weighted flywheel system to provide natural & smooth motion when working out.

In all, there are 22 core workout programs to choose from as well as 9 profile & 8 heart programs along with fitness tests & quick start programs. You can also set the 430 to a 10 degree incline level upon 6 different variation levels and offers the standard 20′ stride path. To measure your heart rate simply rest your hands on EKP grips provided on the enclosed handlebars.

Console Display System

The Schwinn display system installed with the 430 is a dual track LCD window system, where it comes with a main screen (3′ by 5′) and a smaller secondary (1′ by 5′) screen that displays up to 13 metric readouts at once (e.g. time, rpm, distance, speed, calories burned, user indicator etc.). Moreover, you can also goal track with the Schwinn 430, so you progress as you get progressively fitter — you can have up to 2 user profiles on the 430 (it also has a USB connection so you can export your fitness logs online to & (Schwinn Connect).

Practical Specifications

It is designed to be stable, durable and extremely supportive — hence it is fitted with large articulating cushioned foot plates with two sets of ergonomic handlebars (static and movable) as well as a range of other convenient features: a fan, book tray, water holder, sound system (to play music and audiobooks aloud). It also has transport wheels and 2 integrated levelers so you easily move it in and around the house.

Rating: 82% (sourced | Dimensions: 70′ x 28′ x 63′ | Weight: 164 lbs

Schwinn 470 Overview

Fitness Performance Aspects

The 470 elliptical machine is essentially an upgrade to the 430 (hence comes in at being a bit more expensive at around the $800 mark), so essentially incorporates a lot of what the 430 does but improves upon them. So to start the 470 comes with an additional 5 levels of brake resistance (25 in total), although it does work on the same drive system & 10 degree incline motorized ramp.

It does however, come with a lot more specialized workout programs 29 in total as well as 12 profile programs and 8 heart rate programs in addition to fitness tests, customized workouts etc. Not only does it come with a grip heart rate monitor but a telemetry enabled one too.

Console Display System

Again, the dual track console system is installed and the same metric read outs with goal tracker enabled but can allow up to 4 users (perfect for the average family).

Practical Specifications

This aspect is pretty much identical — where the framework can hold a user capacity of 300 lbs, it comes with the same large foot plates too, same design for the handle bars, media tray etc. although is slightly lighter.

Rating: 80% (sourced | Dimensions: 70′ x 28′ x 63′ | Weight: 164 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the Schwinn 430 and 470?

As you can see there are clearly a few significant differences between the 430 and 470, but to recap — the 470 offers an additional 5 levels of brake resistance, hear rate monitor (through the telemetric enabled LCD console) and a total of 12 extra work outs. The display console can also be adapted for 5 incline & 5 resistance as well as allowing you to set up 4 user profiles instead of just 2 with the 430 model.

To find out more about the Schwinn 430 and 470 elliptical machines see Note that the warranty for each (when bought new) is a coverage of 10 years on the frame, 2 years on mechanical parts, 1 year on electric components and then 90 days of labor costs.

Which Elliptical Machine Should You Buy the 430 or 470?

With a price difference of about $200, I would say go for the 430, as although the 470 is the better model such a significant price difference I don’t think is justified — and hence you are getting much better value for money by opting for the 430 elliptical machine. But which will you buy the 430 or 470 & why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison of the Schwinn 430 Vs 470 then please make them below & if you have found this account useful please be sure to give it a like or share.