Schwinn A40 Vs 430: Comparing the A40 and 430

Schwinn A40 or Schwinn 430 – Which is Best for You?

Are you interested in getting a Schwinn elliptical exercise machine however are unsure exactly what model to go for, specifically between the A40 or 430? Then this comparison guide — A40 Vs 430 — will be able to help you out, through firstly providing an overview of both machines and then going on to highlight their significant differences. Then in turn, you will get a much better idea as to which elliptical trainer is best suited for you.

Schwinn A40 (latest model) Overview

Fitness Specifications & Aspects

The A40 is a pretty standard elliptical machine (priced under $400) — where it offers a basic LCD console system (measuring 5 by 3 inches), displaying standard metrics (summary results, speed, rpm, resistance level, time, distance, calories & hear rate) and from it you can access 6 fitness programs as well as a ‘quick start’ motivation program.

Practical Details & Information

You have up to 8 levels of resistance (through Eddy current magnetic) & each stride length is around 17.5 inches (so not very well suited for anyone above 6 ft, but great for the smaller person) with articulated footplates (that act to counteract workout fatigue) and is based on a perimeter weighted flywheel to ensure a relatively quiet and smooth natural motion along with bio-mechanically linkages for further comfort.

Moreover, the physical body of the A40 is based on four levelers to ensure the machine is sturdy when you’re working out and is fitted on to wheels so you can easily move it away for storage once you are done with it. Note that Schwinn recommend that it can accommodate a user of up to 275 lbs.

Additional Features

The A40 also features heart rate monitors that are placed on the ergonomically designed handle bars (both the static & motion ones), having being angled precisely for easy reach & comfort. Also, it is worth noting through the console system you can play music or audio books aloud via its sound system and also offers a water bottle holder, fan & media tray (for magazines, books etc.).

With regards to warranty details: it is backed for 2 years on the frame and 6 months for both mechanical & electrical components.

Dimensions: 59 x 23 x 64 inches | Weight: 90.4 lbs | Rating: 82% (sourced

Schwin 430 Overview

Fitness Specifications & Aspects

The 430 is a significantly more advanced elliptical machine then the A40 (but is only priced around $650), so basically takes on the same fundamental aspects and improves on them significantly.

For instance it is now integrated with an advanced control system that uses a feature called dual track (basically it has two LCD displays) displaying 13 feedback metrics (incl. pulse, HR zone, % track, intensity gauge, user indicators) — along with a program SchwinnConnect that acts to export data (like an automatic fitness log) so you can keep track of your fitness levels & goals completed (incredibly useful & acts to keep you motivatedd). It also comes with a USB plug in, so you can use it in conjunction with sites like Not only this, but it also offers a huge range of 22 exercise programs from you to work out with.

Practical Details & Information

The stride length has also been increased to 20′ to accommodate the taller user and the larger articulating foot plates (acting to reduce stress on ankles, knees & hips) have also been fitted with a incline level of up to 10 degrees. You also have a greater range of resistance levels (20) along with a heavier high speed, high intertia perimeter weighted flywheel encouraging a more natural motion when working out (as well as making sure the machine is practically silent in operation).

Additional Features

Minor details have been re-configured and upgraded too such as the fan having 3 separate speeds, the mertrics are more accurate — it can accommodate a slightly larger user (up to 300 lbs) and the sound system has been improved with an acoustic chamber.

The warranty in place is a lot better as well, where Schwinn offer you 10 years on the frame, 2 years for mechanical parts, a year on electrical components and 90 days covering labor.

Dimensions: 70 28 x 63 inches | Weight: 169 lbs | Rating: 82% (sourced

What’s the Difference Between the Schwinn A40 and 430?

As you can see from above the 430 is quite a fair bit different to the A40 and is a significant improvement: firstly the LCD console is far more advanced, offering a lot more workout programs (22 in total) & metrics as well as performance tracking & USB connection. You get an improved drive system to make the workout more natural from this you are also provided with 20 levels of resistance as opposed to just 8 with the A40. The general design has also been improved to provide less strain & stress on your joints e.g. the larger cushioned foot plates.

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Which Elliptical Machine Should You Buy the A40 or 430?

With a price difference of just $200 +, I believe the Schwinn 430 elliptical machine more than offers you enough ‘added value’ (highlighted just above) when compared to what the A40 has to offer, for you to justifiably pay that bit extra. But which Schwinn will you get the A40 or 430 (and let me know why in the comments just below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the comparison article of the Schwinn A40 Vs 430 then please leave them below (& if you’ve found this account useful please give it a like or share).