Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

When it comes to exercise equipment, no name receives higher and better recall than Schwinn. Even people who don’t exercise know that Schwinn is where you go for exercise equipment needs. Indeed, Schwinn exercise bikes have outlasted a great chunk of the competition, dominating the industry through the decades. Over the years, the company has stayed true to its very first Schwinn recumbent exercise bike, embracing the concept and utilizing new technologies in order to come up with improved models and satisfy changing consumer needs. But what makes the Schwinn bike rise above the rest?

The Look

Well, for starters, the Schwinn exercise bike is unique concept that many have tried to copy – and failed doing so. Perhaps the first thing that will grab your attention is how the Schwinn bike looks: a large wheel that exercise bikes in general don’t use, and the apparent lack of the common arms. You could very well compare it to the sculpture Venus or some other ancient contraption. Nevertheless, the novelty of its appearance makes the Schwinn incumbent bike rather charming, and of course you know better than to judge this equipment’s quality by its looks alone.

The Feel

In order to hand down fair judgment, you need to take the Schwinn incumbent exercise bike into a test drive. This will make you see that this particular bike has been created with well-rounded exercise in bike. You see, this piece of exercise equipment trains both the upper body and the lower body. The handle bars, which stand independently, move efficiently back and forth, not unlike the way elliptical training equipment would do.

Aside from a solid workout, the Schwinn bike also offers unparalleled use of air resistance. Cheap exercise machines generally have resistance that is set by adjusting a belt feature manually; expensive exercise machines, on the other hand, offer magnetic resistance that comes and goes, changing from time to time depending on the mood of the user, with just the push of a single button. Staying true to its vision of a quality, well-rounded workout, the Schwinn bike lets the air resistance depend on your capacity to pedal: The faster you pedal, the greater the resistance you encounter. This allows you to set the pace and efficiency of your workout session on the bike.

More Advantages to Consider

Another great thing about the Schwinn incumbent exercise bike is that it stays updated, allowing it to address new issues brought by modern living. For instance, the bike now has more buttons that ever, all of which can help you track your history and progress. The company has really made it a point to continue improving the Schwinn bike, keeping its uniqueness all this time while helping it appeal to more people over the years. Of course, not everyone will find this bike the best, but for its price range, which is around $500, and the many benefits it offers, the Schwinn bike is no doubt a great deal for beginners and people who take their exercise very seriously.