Science or Insanity: The Healing Power of Imagination

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We often hear that our minds are one of the most powerful tools we possess. Everything that is accomplished, built or said starts with a thought in the brain. It is often said that if we can imagine ourselves being successful then we really will be.The mind doesn’t know the difference between an experience that we are actually having and an experience we are imagining. As a matter of fact, a number of athletes use this technique. The only information that the brain knows is what we put into it. therefore the only limitations it has are the ones we allow it to believe. Athletes often envision themselves making the free throw, skating flawlessly, or riding faster.

Now what if this power could be applied to health and recovering from illnesses. Most people readily accept the use of the imagination as a part of helping us to perform better in sports, on tests, and when giving speeches, but when it comes to using that power to heal the body many people decide this isn’t possible. We want to believe that medicine that has been created by science is beetter than alternative medicine. We believe that a medicine can locate a problem and cause all the different parts of the body to react in a way that will kill the disease, but we don’t believe that we can use our brain to tell our bodies to do the same thing.

In a book I once read it talks about how the imagination and power of thought can heal diseases. It talks about some of the miraculous ways that early stages of cancer had been cured with mind rather than with science. It says to take a problem that you have and visualize it, give the disease a shape of some sort. Then visualize something coming and fighting against the problem. The book claims that the more imaginative you get the better this will work. For example, imagine a war of some sort or an accident and always have the disease being the thing that gets completely destroyed each time. The book says that this only has to be done for 5 minutes a night. The most important aspect is imagining it dying and never returning.

I thought this technique was a little strange, but I decided to try it. At the time, I had about 60 warts or so between my two hands. I hated this, and I wanted to get rid of them. The way science could get rid of them was through a painful burning or freezing process which would take several treatments, given the severity and size of my warts.

I finally decided I would imagine them away every night before I went to bed. I won’t lie, the first couple of nights I felt silly doing this–I sort of felt like I was approaching insanity. However each night I would imagine that there was this war and the warts would get hit with gooey slime, and as they would get hit they would either explode all over or start melting out of existence saying, ‘I’m melting’ (Yes, the idea came from the Wizard of Oz). I tried to be as graphic as possible. I did this every night and at first nothing happened. Then one day about 4 months later, I noticed one of the smaller warts was gone. Over the next two months I watch as every wart ‘died’. Now remember each time I di this imagination exercise I envisioned that when they died, they stayed gone. It has been 15 years since this time, and I have never had another wart. This technique was free, painless, and faily quick. Now, what if we could heal pulled muscles, torn cartilages, cuts, diabetes and other diseases cured by visualizing the body healing them, producing insulin or killling the problem off? I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t get treated by a doctor but rather that we combine this with the treatments we receive from the doctor.

Below are some suggestions for making this most effective:

1. Go somewhere by yourself where it is quiet. This will allow you to concentrate and not have to worry about others seeing you.

2. Be vivid! Imagine things in color and put army uniforms on them and load them down with guns. Imagine the weapons that destroy them or imagine the tools you’ll use to repair the problem. Imagine a tear being sewn up by a giant sewing machine. The more real this experience is to you brain, the more likely it is to work.

3. Make sure that each session ends with things ending in your favor. You want to come off victorious each time.

4. Visualize the problem being permanently fixed. Picture yourself doing something you couldn’t do because of the disease. Picture yourself going to the doctor and him or her telling you the problem is gone and then even 70 years later still not having any more problems.

5. Whenever you think about the situation during the day, think positively! Positive thoughts have been proven by science to help people recover more quickly. Don’t dwell on the fact that you have a problm. Tell yourself it’s not that bad and smile.

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Science or Insanity: The Healing Power of Imagination, Seekyt
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