Score Better on ASVAB Word Knowledge

Though we read, understand and communicate in English on a daily basis, actually learning the English language with proper grammar and vocabulary might be a little tricky. And this is what is tested on the military entrance test, ASVAB.

The language section of the ASVAB can be divided in two segments – Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension. The scores of both these subtests are counted in calculating your Verbal Expression score on the AFQT. The AFQT test score determines if you meet minimum requirements to be eligible to join the military.

In the Word Knowledge subtest, you may have to select the synonym for a particular word from the given four options. In the Paragraph Comprehension section, you are given some paragraphs to read and then have to answer questions about the paragraphs. These tests analyze your ability to communicate in the English language.

Tips to improve your ASVAB Word Knowledge

The only way to expand your word knowledge is by increasing your vocabulary. The following tips will help you do just that:

1. Read as much as you can: newspapers, textbooks, novels or even pamphlets, reading everything you can lay your hands on is the first step to expand your vocab.

2. SME Approach: Approach every new word with the SME technique. SME stands for Spelling, Meaning and Example. When you come across a new word, it is advised that you first learn its spelling, understand its meaning and then use it in a sentence so that you remember it always.

3. Make a word list: Keep writing down new words when you come across them. Writing them down helps you remember the words and also acts as a vocabulary review sheet.

4. Vocabulary builders: There is no harm in taking help from experts. Using books and websites that are specifically designed for vocabulary building are also an effective way to learn and understand many new words.

5. Using new words: Just learning new words and cramming to remember their meanings is not sufficient; you should also try to use these words in your everyday conversations so that they can permanently become a part of your vocabulary.

Tips to improve ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension

It is easy to get confused while answering the ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension section questions. When you accustomed to answering small, multiple choice questions, suddenly coming across questions that require long answers can be alarming. Here are some tips that will help you tackle the paragraph comprehension test with ease:

1. Quickly read the given paragraph

2. Identify the blatantly wrong answer choices

3. Thoroughly read the paragraph again

4. Do not create a personal opinion

5. Answer the question

6. Make sure you pace yourself well so time does not run out

Take as many practice tests as you can, so that you are well prepared for the ASVAB and are not taken by surprise during the actual test. Following these tips will ensure that you score high on the ASVAB Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension sections!

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