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Scrap metal, plastic, cardboard, resort. Green values in our life, home and holidays.

Our earth is a beautiful place, a trove of majestic mountains, sun-gold beaches, waterways and oceans in pallets of blue. Regal Woodlands, fragrant forests, emerald jungles, a wealth of green. And isn’t green not just in our gift of nature and way of life, but a very attitude in this century? Recycling and responsible behaviour toward preserving the environment is a celebrated achievement, with individual households and conglomerate corporations taking part in the cause.

And there are new traditions being created every day by people and companies conscious of the ongoing fragility of our planet, and it’s need for sustainability. One such venture is the birth of the eco-lodge. A new popular holiday destination that incorporates the beauty of a location, as well as insuring its conservation and longevity.
An eco-lodge is a stellar choice for tourists wary of disturbing the pristine environment, and likewise a showmanship of proprietors leaving the area untouched as possible, and building with reusable elements.

Eco-lodges were once a scarce rarity, with only a few scattered around the four corners. Now, mercifully, we are amidst one of the most revolutionary transformations in modern travel and global ethics. Eco-lodges now nearly span every country, ecosystem, and cater to almost every conscious and budget.

Ready for a holiday with the sparkling gem of a location, with conservational initiative? These resorts have impact in more ways than one.

In the Southern hemisphere, among tropical palms and aqua waters, lies Turtle Island, Fiji, ranked among the world’s finest for its breathtaking location and luxurious service. The resort boasts 150 staff members, yet hosts only accept 14 couples at any given time, maximum. The island itself is just 500 acres large, and is dedicated to growing its own organic produce, which is irrigated by the island’s nearby natural spring.

Daintree Eco-Lodge. The Daintree rainforest is a green jewel of treasure set in the crown of Far North Queensland, Australia. It’s lushness lies in a labyrinth of prehistoric palms, untouched jungle, and crystal pure waterfalls. Few know that the Daintree is the oldest rainforest on the planet, and is 100 million years older than the Amazon jungle. The proprietors of the eco-lodge aren’t compromising in keeping it that way. They preserve and revere the surroundings, as much as the local indigenous culture.

Ranweli Holiday Village, Sri Lanka. A two hour drive from the capital, these quaint bungalows are a haven for naturalism. Local tribes teach cooking class and crafts, While an on-site fruit-stand sells medicinal drinks, and Herbal massages from an Ayurvedic Centre are on offer.

Whitepod, Switzerland. Taking a step back in time to a rustic age, the Whitepod resort, high in the Swiss Alps is a retro wonderland with geodesic domes, cow-skin decor and wood-burning stoves.

Tiger Mountain, Pokhara Lodge, Nepal.
The Pokhara Lodge, on a famous trekkers path in Nepal, is a sanctuary with an eco-twist. First thing in the morning, staff serve organic coffee to guests staying in their handcrafted stone Bungalows, to get you ready for your personal yoga session. Private verandas offer a view of three 8000 meter mountain peaks.

Kicking Horse River Lodge, British Columbia.
Western meets eco-tourism in this conservational adventure with geothermally heated log cabins and Ski Dome. A haven for skiers and mountain bike riders all year round, you can exercise in the wide open spaces during the day, and settle down comfy at night with an eco-themed film.

Costa Rica Arenal Hotel, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is lately a celebrated place for its eco-tourism parallels, and this hotel is proof. It has a strict code – a ‘Policy of Interaction’ with the local Maleku people, as a chance to learn, absorb and understand the indigenous culture, upon the land where the hotel is built.

The activities, the location, and the food in these environmentally responsible institutions are all aimed at embracing the values, preservation, and cultural influences of the terrain. And some even go a step further.

Again, Costa Rica is becoming almost synonymous with eco-culture, and the Osa Peninsula Eco-Lodge, only accessible by boat, has been built and designed with nothing but recycled and sustainable materials. Danny Scrap metal are experts in the culture of recycling, and quote that there is a satisfaction in utilising our current materials, and the use of recycled metals leaves a shallow, or non-existent footprint. An eco-holiday is a desirable option while reserving both your energy, and the planet.

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