Search engine battle between Google and Yahoo

After our first month of promotions and SEO enhancements to a particular website with particular keywords, we have come to a great settlement on why is number 1 worldwide and we are going to explain that in the next paragraphs.

With our Miami Tour Operator business in Miami Beach, we find a huge competence for internet marketing and promotions because in Miami, local competence believe as well in the affectivities of marketing and promoting, they are not scared on dropping a high budget into internet or printed publications, so that makes it harder to compete if you have hundreds of people trying to get there first.

Half Price Tour Tickets has been taking over Miami Beach with over 7 stores open already and more to come within the next months, every time more and more people choose us just because we are everywhere physically. My job as internet marketer is to do the same effect but on the internet.

By today May 4th, 2011, the website accomplishes 2 months of strong campaigns which we started seeing visitors and leads thanks to Google; actually 90% of all movements on our website is thanks to Google itself. When you compare,,, and others, you see that in the same way they are ranked like 1st, 2ndand 3rdbiggest search engines, the same way they react to your campaign, Google is like 10 years ahead of yahoo, Bing is not as different than yahoo but its slower, totally out of the map and a lot others search engines that you always have to keep In consideration.

For our Miami Tours Operators website, our goal is to get customers to book online, with special deals on the Miami city tour or Miami boat tour, we also offer combination so we give them more variety on the possible selections.

Another great tool you can use is the Google places business directory where they let you describe your business and also add a link to your website if you have one. In Half Price Tour Tickets it works awesome just because we got more stores and all connected through

So when it gets the time to invest some money on online advertisement, which do you think you should choose to get your campaign handled? By right now, there is only two answers, 1.) 2.) If you just want to through money away, just publish everywhere else.

Adwords is the main keyword for paid campaigns on Google, we used it to promote our Miami city and boat tour, also the Everglades airboat ride with wildlife show. For us it wasn’t the best way to promote just because we are concentrating on organic traffic rather than paid traffic. Anyway its always good to try everything once!

I can say we tried about everything already and I can assure you guys, there is no other internet promotion tool, like being #1 page for google search on a high traffic keyword, we would recommend anybody spending a budget on websites and also being patient because this takes time and a lot of work.

I am so sorry for Yahoo, but you cannot be #1 if you are not really giving services as if you were, in first place.