Search Engine Optimization Month Fever

Dear fellow writers, The October 30 Days Challenge is now officially over (I’ll write a report based on a detailed analysis during this month), but now is the time to keep the liveliness and participate in a new Seekyt activity throughout November, 2011. I name the activity Search Engine Optimization Month or shortly, SEO Fever. It’s also a kind of challenge, but much different from the 30 days challenge (this is an article writing activity), and SEO Fever is an article promotion activity. The aim of SEO Fever is to: #1 – collect our Seekyt SEO knowledge in one place #2 – generate articles specifically on the topic of search engine optimization* #3 – share personal experience with getting backlinks on social media sites (networking, bookmarking), article and web directories, RSS feed directories, blogs, etc. #4 – ask questions about SEO related issues #5 – help Seekyt members by answering questions and sharing knowledge about the topic #6 – draw traffic to our articles on Seekyt, especially to orphaned articles* Learn more about these and other SEO monthly goals and plans in this article: Monthly Search Engine Optimization Plans To Help You Drive Web Traffic Please pay special attention to the section “How to Participate in the Search Engine Optimization Month” – goals marked with an asterisk in the list above are explained in detail there. Feel free to post links to your new and existing Seekyt SEO articles in this journal, share your thoughts, ideas, plans and questions, but please, be sure to check the rules and guidelines in the article (above). * * * Have you heard of the saying: “Content is king?” Writing good quality content is #1 step in search engine optimization and backlinks (article marketing, promotion) #2. Therefore, don’t forget to read our admin’s Content Guidelines. * * * *UPDATE* If you are still confused about how to participate in this activity answer these few questions: #1: What methods do you use to drive traffic to your webpages? #2: What methods do you use to refer new members to Seekyt? #3: What methods do you use to awake your sleeping referrals? #4: What aspect of SEO would you like to learn more about? * * * *UPDATE* The Seekyt Orphan & Dead-End Pages Project is launched 🙂 You may want to learn about orphaned articles and dead-end webpages first! If you identify these in your own article base here on Seekyt, the Project journal page will be the right place to ask for help and to get help, too 🙂 * * * Happy search engine optimization! image